Sunday, 31 January 2016

Not buying it - Days 30 and 31

Day 30

I've been learning a lot from this blogging business. You think you know what suits you - clothes wise - you try and dress for your body shape (well I do), you think you know what colours suit you - and then you see the photos!

OMG - is that what I look like?

Since I started blogging almost 3 months ago, I've learned that I don't suit skater dresses or stretchy pencil skirts like the one I wore yesterday. So I've put 4 skater dresses, one other dress; 3 skirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of Gap trousers size 10; (I haven't been a size 10 in trousers since the late 1990s - what was I thinking of when I bought these?) 6 cardigans and a couple of tops in the charity shop bag. Not so long ago, I got rid of any jeans, trousers or skinny jeans that were low rise as they emphasised my 'muffin' top.  That amounted to about 8 pairs and then I got rid of 3 pairs of jeggings because they fall down onto my hips and I suffer from saggy crotch...not a good look on anyone!

 Despite making more room in my wardrobes with this cull, I've still got so many clothes that I could go until 2017 just shopping my wardrobe! Of course I will buy more clothes after day 42 or 56  - if I can last that long. But this time I will be shopping more critically and  much more aware of what looks good on me and what doesn't.

I will be looking out for more structured pencil skirts; A line dresses and I really, really want some boyfriend jeans. I had some but they were low rise so you know where they went, don't you!  I will continue looking for that special animal print coat and I know I'll find one. Top shop's recent popular one, which retailed at £80.00, was reduced to half price in their sale and then I saw it in the window of a charity for £39.99; unfortunately in both instances a size too small for me. Oh well. I will also be looking for more quality pieces and more vintage items and I will continue with the one in and one out rule.

I wore this today when I went to visit my son. I think this outfit suits me and I like pattern mixing - not something I would have done before I started blogging, but I've been inspired by other bloggers! Long may it last.

I have worn something similar to this here but again before the 'not buying it pledge'. Ankle boots
donated by my daughter; red skinny jeans charity shopped, striped top £1.00 rail charity shop in Wellingborough, cardigan charity shopped.

Owl pendant bought in Newport Pagnell Age UK for £1.00. Bangles charity shopped as is the
 watch, and earrings came from Debenhams in their Christmas sale 2 years ago.

Day 31

Well, you're in for a treat today - NOT! I've been so busy I haven't had time to put make up on. I'm very pale with out my blusher and highlighter, mascara and lipstick; I've never worn foundation.

We went for a 4.5 mile walk today, did the housework and cooked dinner for the family and had a lovely lie in until 9.30 hence no time to put the slap on.

I don't know how to describe these trousers. They're like joggers but cuffed but not wide like harem pants, and they have a thick banded elasticated waistband with two side pockets . Anyway, they're made out of a drapey, jersey type material and are very comfortable. From a charity shop of course. The yellow patterned top is a crossover one from Wallis and worn back to front also charity shopped, as is the grey knitted tunic. The boots are from Debenhams and were a Christmas present the Christmas before last from my OH.

I bought this necklace in Newport Pagnell last week in Age UK for £1.25. Earrings charity shopped, as is bangle (Willen Hospice in Newport Pagnell) and watch and ring.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Not buying it - Days 28 and 29

Day 28

I went walking again today, on my own, and did 5.75 miles. Whilst I was following a footpath I spied this bird of prey on a fencepost:

I know it's not a very good picture. The sun was in my eyes, I didn't have my glasses on and this is as much zoom I could get out of my phone camera. I'm not sure if it's a buzzard or even a sparrow hawk. We had one of those on the bird table a few months back. My OH managed to get a picture of it:

Today, every time I got closer to the bird of prey, it flew off to a fence post further on, and then as I approached again he flew off;  this went on for several fence posts until eventually growing tired of teasing me, he/she flew off over my head back to its original fence post perch. 

It's one of the perks of walking in the countryside - what wildlife will you see? So far I've seen:  Reece's Pheasant, a cuckoo, an egret, lapwings, kites, buzzards, pheasants and a woodpecker. I've seen a deer, rabbits and a fox. I once found a fox's lower mandible and brought it home to display it on my bookshelves. OH suggested I boil it first to get rid of the germs and it promptly fell to bits!!

I'm wearing M&S skinny jeans, charity shopped, denim shirt charity shopped, Animal print cardigan bought from Studio catalogue for £4.00 and animal print boots bought on line.

I bought these pearls yesterday in Newport Pagnell for £1.00 in Age UK and the  animal print earrings were bought in a charity shop last year. I've worn a similar outfit to this one before here but it was before the not buying it pledge!

Week 5 - Day 29

Yes, it's start of week 5 of not buying it (any clothes from the charity shops, that is). I'm not finding it difficult to make up the outfits, but it's difficult to remember to get photos taken everyday and then blog every other day. I do admire bloggers who post daily. I'll be glad to get back to once or twice a week!

Another denim shirt today! I also have a chambray one which I've planned to wear quite soon.

Skirt from Primarni, shirt bought on line, short sleeved cardigan charity shopped. I'm wearing plum leggings underneath for warmth but they don't show in these photos.  Zara boots charity shopped. Necklace was a gift from my daughter's ex partner. Silver bracelets some gifts, some charity shopped.

I had my hair cut today. Grandson was taking photos so I tried a selfie. Earrings charity shopped.
See you on Sunday!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Not Buying it - Days 26 and 27

Day 26

I love brown and sometimes I think it is superior to black. I went for a brown look today as well as keeping warm - it's cold at the food bank!

The knitted tunic is charity shopped, the M & S brown striped top likewise.  Brown leggings and boots from Sainsburys. Bangles and watch charity shopped.

I tend to look quite flushed in my photos. That's because by the time the photos are taken - usually early evening, my house has finally warmed up and I've been rushing around cooking, hanging up washing or sorting out grand kids - you know the usual stuff of every day living - plus I still get hot flushes. Nobody told me they continued post menopause!

Earrings are from Bedford market years and years ago - the necklace was 50p at a car boot sale.

I have now finished my library books and enjoyed all of them. I found 'The Glorious Heresies'  excellent and funny in places but quite disturbing. I loved 'Acts of Vandalism' and want to read more about Grouse County. I found the author (Tom Drury) quite similar to Kent Haruf in his tales of small town American life and wonderfully realised characters. I'm also going to track down more of Sarah Moss' books; 'Night Waking' was a brilliant read, laugh out loud funny in places but deeply serious subject matter. I can highly recommend all three.

Day 27

In the 1980s I wanted a Laura Ashley dress so badly. I just couldn't afford to buy one - until Saturday! I spotted this on the £1.00 rail and wished it was 30 years ago when I could have fitted into this - a UK 12. I couldn't just leave it on the £1.00 rail and thought someone out there might like it. Email me if it's your cup of tea and I'll gladly send it to you in exchange for postage costs. 
So much material in the dress which is a lovely peacock blue/green, and if I was a sewing person - which I'm not - (a hem is as much as I can manage) - then it could even be turned into a maxi skirt. It's very long, I'm 5' 3" and it's ball gown length on me with a bit to spare.....

So, although I'm not buying clothes (ahem! what's that above? Yes, but it's not for me and so it doesn't count) I have been on a couple of short charity shopping expeditions. This is what I bought on Saturday and Monday:

Assorted bangles 20p to 99p. Round brooch 50p in Save the Children, oval brooch £1.99 in the Salvation Army and the earrings, which were 99p. The little dish was 50p in 3:16 Christian charity shop. I also bought a white cotton  embroidered pillowcase in here for 50p. I always look out for this type of pillow case in charity shops as I love the feel and the look of crisp, white cotton and the embroidery makes them a little bit different. I have about 7 or 8 pillow cases  of this type so far.

These were a really good find. £5.00 in Oxfam. They're from Next and haven't been worn - the sole is spotless! I don't have any pointy toed loafers so these will be lovely when the weather gets warmer, and what's more they're wide fitting - I have small but wide feet.

I bought these two lovely scarves at Save the Children for £1.99 each. I've already worn the green one here

Today I went to Newport Pagnell and bought these two little prints for my daughter, she has a beach theme on one wall in her living room...

Talking of pictures; some weeks ago I also bought this for her in the Keech Hospice shop for £3.99. I get just as much pleasure buying things for other people in charity shops as I do for myself - do you? I bought quite a few bits of jewellery today ( note to self - stop buying jewellery) but I'll put those in a later post. What did I wear today?

Today I went for a bit of pattern mixing:


The spotty skinny jeans are charity shopped; the top with little squares from the £1.00 rail in the Salvation Army, and the sea foam M&S cardigan bought for £4.00 from Save the Children, and last seen here, but before the 'not buying it' pledge! Brogues bought in Tesco's half price sale.

Necklace and earrings charity shopped.

Bangles and watch charity shopped

Monday, 25 January 2016

Not Buying it - Days 24 and 25

Day 24

Continuing with the comfortable theme...Earrings - Sainsburys (where else?), necklace - East, charity shopped about 4 years ago, green bangles charity shopped.

This knitted tunic in green, navy and grey was bought in the 3:16 Christian charity shop for £2.00. Grey leggings from Sainsburys and Clark boots 50% off in their winter sale about 5 years ago.

I went out for a 5 mile walk so I wore my reversible knitted cape, infinity scarf and gloves which you can see in the picture below. I bought the brooch this week for £1.99 at the Salvation Army. I had to ditch the gloves and scarf pretty quick - it was so mild!

Knitted cape bought from the British Red Cross shop for £6.00; infinity scarf on charity shopping trip to Wellingborough from Scope for 99p and gloves are about 6 years old and are from Accessorize - they were 50p from Save the Children! It's a miracle I haven't lost them.

I believe I can fly.....

Day 25

The weather was so mild today - I didn't even wear a jacket to my volunteering at the charity shop.

I wore this black jersey maxi dress, charity shopped last year; knitted waistcoat from Topshop and bought in the Children's Society charity shop. The boots are from the Tesco outlet shop.

I look as if I'm communing with my maker! Beads with matching bracelet bought for me as a Christmas present some years ago, other bracelet also a present. Bangles charity shopped; earrings from Sainsburys.

I'm off to link up with  Patti's Visible Monday at 'Not Dead Yet Style'  here

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Not Buying it - Day 23

Day 23

More alstroemeria but this time in deep pink. Vase bought for 50p with a matching jug for 50p at Salvation Army shop some months ago. The yellow alstroemeria are still going strong 2 weeks later! The crochet throw was made by me and was the last in a series of 12 throws I made, in a range of designs, to relearn how to crochet after a 35 year hiatus! I've a had about a 2 month break from crocheting, but I have 1 lot of bunting (for my daughter) to finish, 2 cat caves for grandson's cats and then on to throw number 13 in an African flower design.

Weekends are all about easy and comfortable dressing - unless you're going out anywhere. Boots from Clarks winter sale about 5 years. Leggings from Matalan and black jumper from Lidl.

Scarf from Save the Children £2.00 on Monday last ( I'm still buying accessories but not clothes - a girl's got to buy something!). Earrings from Sainsburys.

Bangles all charity shopped as is silver watch. Green ring Christmas present from mum many years ago.

I'm going to join in  with Spygirl's 52 Pick me Up Closet Remix, which  this week is Kelly Green - the exact colour of my scarf. You can see it here 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Not buying it Day 21 & 22

Day 21

Tomorrow is the start of my 4th week of not buying it!

I'm wearing a skirt from H & M charity shopped; yellow jumper charity shopped, boots from the Re Use centre, scarf charity shopped and moto jacket,  a Christmas present from my daughter.

Earrings  from Sainsburys, necklace, charity shopped in Exmouth, bracelet and bangle charity shopped, as is the watch. The ring is one I bought for myself years ago.

(Pictures taken by 11 year old grandson!)

Week 4 - Day 22

I  am amazed at how long some of the bloggers hold on to their clothes! I keep reading on the style/fashion
blogs about garments that people have hung on to since the 1970s and 1980s! That's 40 and 30 years ago!

It got me thinking and I think the oldest thing I have in my wardrobe is a jacket I bought at a car boot sale about 12 years ago and a trench coat. The only reason I have kept them for so long is that I put them in the loft and forgot about them - this is the danger of putting things in the loft. Rooting around up there for my long boots some weeks back, I found the jacket and coat. They are an example of two extremes - the jacket was 50p and the trench, £100.00 from when I had a store card for Debenhams....

I don't know how people manage to keep their clothes for so long. I am in awe of that.  In my early adult life I was fashion conscious and got rid of out of fashion items. Then when I got married and had kids and didn't have much money to spend on clothes, I got rid of things I was fed up with. When I divorced and had more money to spend on clothes and began to buy from charity shops, I got rid of clothes when I fell out of love with them. Why? Why didn't I just put them in the loft instead? Why didn't I hang on to all my clothes?

The Biba cloche hat, geometric print culottes, and bell sleeved, brown silky top bought in 1969, when I first started working. The 1980s batwing white and red dress and the red peep toe shows bought in a French supermarket? The 1980s beautifully tailored navy blue blazer bought for me? The 1960s crochet dress. The  1970s multi coloured loon pants. The 1970s suede trousers with lacing up each leg. The blue wool knitted jacket....the list is endless, but then, the idea of holding on to clothes was not something I was consciously aware of.  In the past I also didn't have storage space so it was necessary to discard things to make room for new. But I am sorry I didn't keep some of my clothes even though nothing would fit me now and I do admire those who have - and who can still fit into them!!

Beads from Oxfam in Newport Pagnell £2.99 and earrings - yes you've guessed it - Sainsburys.

The shirt was £5.00 from Sue Ryder, knitted tunic  from Zara, charity shopped, leggings Sainsburys - last seen here and black leather boots from Zara, bought in British Red Cross shop for £12.00 2 years ago.

The oldest thing I'm wearing are the earrings which are about 3 years old!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Not Buying it - Days 19 and 20

Day 19

I've got even more reason to stop buying clothes. My daughter and I have decided to take the two youngest grandchildren to Spain in the summer. We've paid for it but have to have some spending money as well! Plus I am hoping to get to our mobile home in Donegal at Easter for about 9/10 days as well as going in the summer for about 4 to 5 weeks. That's two lots of ferries, lots of petrol, living expenses and more spending money! Some of it will be shared with other OH at Easter and in the summer but not all, so I need to tighten my purse strings and stop spending!

It was such a cold day today. I was at the food bank this morning and it's pretty chilly there most days as it's a warehouse. I knew today it would be freezing so I wore plenty of layers! I'm wearing a knitted tunic with a polo/roll neck that I bought in the Debenham's sale with my Debenham's voucher the Christmas before last. It's the only polo neck I own as they don't suit me - I've got a short neck as well as short arms and legs! I think polo necks look better on people with long necks.

These beads were bought  in the Children's Society for £2.99. They are pearls interspersed with chains and I really like them, but when they tangle, which is often - what a pain! Turquoise bangle and bracelet charity shopped. Turquoise ring purchased years ago.

The cardigan was also bought from the Children's Society. The jeggings are from Lidl and were only £6.00; I couldn't resist them. They are made of leather and ponte material, but I just don't get jeggings. I've had 3 other pairs and put them all in the charity shop bag as they all slide down to my hips and I end up with a saggy crotch! These are held up by an elasticated belt, over my thermal vest and under my tunic.

Boots from the Re Use Centre £2.50.

Day 20

I just wanted to show you this beautiful scarf my friend Natalie sent me. It arrived  out of the blue along with a pink silk drawstring bag containing a smaller pink bag. The scarf is so pretty with the two Japanese ladies on it.  I can use the bags to store jewellery and cosmetics when travelling. Thank you Natalie! I was going to wear it with today's outfit but it's been so cold again I needed something warmer. Never mind, I'll look forward to wearing it when the warmer weather comes.

I went walking with the Rambler's today. We did 7 miles and walked from Willington Dovecote towards Blunham, on to Moggerhanger Park and through the Park towards Willington again. It was a lovely walk but cold and luckily not too muddy. Last week we walked in Woburn and it was so muddy it was miserable! I fell over in the mud but apart from my pride being dented I was fine.

I should call this my Irish outfit! I bought the cat tunic in Donegal (3 euros) and the purple cardigan is part of a suit I bought in Carrick on Shannon in the summer for 8 euros. It has a matching skirt, which on me is a maxi. All these items were bought at Charity shops. I may have to trot out the suit if I get desperate for outfits....

I wore my plum coloured leggings (E bay) which I have worn before here, tucked into plain black leather riding type boots. I bought the boots about 5 years ago in the Clark's sale for £50.00 - half the original price. I wanted to wear my purple leggings but they are thinner and it was cold so I opted for the plum ones as they are thicker.

The scarf is charity shopped as are the purple earrings, the pink bangles and square silver ring. The ring used to have an orange stone in it but it fell out and I quite like it as a plain silver ring. I even have purple glasses to match!

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