Books Read 2024


 January 2024

Portrait of A Marriage - Nigel Nicholson (NF)

The Crowded Street - Winifred Holtby (Virago)

The Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver

Slightly Foxed - No.80. Winter 2023 (Subscription Christmas present)

House Arrest: Pandemic Diaries - Alan Bennett (Christmas present) (NF)

The English Farmhouse - Geoffrey Grigson (NF) (Christmas present)

February 2024

Dear Dodie: the life of Dodie Smith - Valerie Grove (NF)

So Much To Tell - Valerie Grove (NF)

The Blank Wall -  Elizabeth Sanxay Holding (PERSEPHONE)

Where I was Young: Memories of London Childhoods - (Ed) Valerie Jenkins (NF)

Godmersham Park - Gill Hornby

Little Boy Lost - Marghanita Laski (PERSEPHONE)

An Expert in Murder - Nicola Upson (Book 1 in the Josephine Tey series)

Anderby Wold - Winifred Holtby (Virago)

Maeve Brennan: Homesick at the New Yorker - An Irish Writer in Exile. - Angela Bourke (NF)

Erasure - Percival Everett

Angel with Two Faces - Nicola Upson (Book 2 in the Josephine Tey series).

March 2024

The Road to Little Dribbling - Bill Bryson (NF)

The Friendly Ones - Philip Hensher

Then - Julie Myerson

The Land of Green Ginger - Winifred Holtby (Virago)

Homeland - Barbara Kingsolver (Short stories)

Our Endless Numbered Days - Claire Fuller (Kindle)

Miss Benson's Beetle - Rachel Joyce (Kindle)

Linden Rise - Richmal Crompton (Kindle)

The Grandmothers - Sally Vickery (Kindle)

Westover - Richmal Crompton (Kindle)

Leadon Hill - Richmal Crompton (Kindle)

Weatherley Parade - Richmal Crompton (Kindle)

Spam Tomorrow - Verily Anderson (Kindle)

April 2024

The Sealed Letter - Emma Donoghue

Wilfred and Eileen - Jonathan Smith (Persephone)

A Monkey Among Crocodiles; the Disastrous Life of Mrs. Georgina Weldon - Brian Thompson (NF)

Sleepyhead - Mark Billingham (1st in the Tom Thorne series)

Up With the Lark: My life on the land - Joan Bomford (NF)

May 2024

The Bee Sting - Paul Murray

Fidelity - Susan Glaspell (Persephone)

Dreams From My Mother - Dame Elizabeth Anionwu (NF) (70th bday present from Ann)

A Countryman's Lot: Tales From the Dales - Max Hardcastle (NF)

Scaredy Cat - Mark Billingham (2nd in Tom Thorne series)

Staring at Lakes -  Michael Harding (NF)

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