The novelty of a hot summer and summer clothes

  We survived the heat wave - just! My balloon plant (left) flowered. I bought it last year. OH treated himself to yet another Tiger Lily; this time a white one and it bloomed, too. On the hottest day of the year I drove back from London with son and grandson. The air conditioning made it bearable but I saw heat buckled tarmac for the first time on the motorway. Scary! It was a busy day and the temperature gauge measured the outside temperature at 40 degrees at one point. In Bedford, it stabilised at about 38 degrees. Then after 7 pm we had some rain which cooled things down and I managed to sleep - unlike the night before. It's wonderful having my son back home again... This was what I wore on Wednesday. Still very warm at 27 degrees and quite muggy and overcast. I was expecting a thunderstorm all day but nothing happened. The dungarees are too big for me and I'm re donating them. However, the looseness was appreciated on such a humid day. Tee shirt by M&S; both charity sh