Wednesday 20 January 2016

Not Buying it - Days 19 and 20

Day 19

I've got even more reason to stop buying clothes. My daughter and I have decided to take the two youngest grandchildren to Spain in the summer. We've paid for it but have to have some spending money as well! Plus I am hoping to get to our mobile home in Donegal at Easter for about 9/10 days as well as going in the summer for about 4 to 5 weeks. That's two lots of ferries, lots of petrol, living expenses and more spending money! Some of it will be shared with other OH at Easter and in the summer but not all, so I need to tighten my purse strings and stop spending!

It was such a cold day today. I was at the food bank this morning and it's pretty chilly there most days as it's a warehouse. I knew today it would be freezing so I wore plenty of layers! I'm wearing a knitted tunic with a polo/roll neck that I bought in the Debenham's sale with my Debenham's voucher the Christmas before last. It's the only polo neck I own as they don't suit me - I've got a short neck as well as short arms and legs! I think polo necks look better on people with long necks.

These beads were bought  in the Children's Society for £2.99. They are pearls interspersed with chains and I really like them, but when they tangle, which is often - what a pain! Turquoise bangle and bracelet charity shopped. Turquoise ring purchased years ago.

The cardigan was also bought from the Children's Society. The jeggings are from Lidl and were only £6.00; I couldn't resist them. They are made of leather and ponte material, but I just don't get jeggings. I've had 3 other pairs and put them all in the charity shop bag as they all slide down to my hips and I end up with a saggy crotch! These are held up by an elasticated belt, over my thermal vest and under my tunic.

Boots from the Re Use Centre £2.50.

Day 20

I just wanted to show you this beautiful scarf my friend Natalie sent me. It arrived  out of the blue along with a pink silk drawstring bag containing a smaller pink bag. The scarf is so pretty with the two Japanese ladies on it.  I can use the bags to store jewellery and cosmetics when travelling. Thank you Natalie! I was going to wear it with today's outfit but it's been so cold again I needed something warmer. Never mind, I'll look forward to wearing it when the warmer weather comes.

I went walking with the Rambler's today. We did 7 miles and walked from Willington Dovecote towards Blunham, on to Moggerhanger Park and through the Park towards Willington again. It was a lovely walk but cold and luckily not too muddy. Last week we walked in Woburn and it was so muddy it was miserable! I fell over in the mud but apart from my pride being dented I was fine.

I should call this my Irish outfit! I bought the cat tunic in Donegal (3 euros) and the purple cardigan is part of a suit I bought in Carrick on Shannon in the summer for 8 euros. It has a matching skirt, which on me is a maxi. All these items were bought at Charity shops. I may have to trot out the suit if I get desperate for outfits....

I wore my plum coloured leggings (E bay) which I have worn before here, tucked into plain black leather riding type boots. I bought the boots about 5 years ago in the Clark's sale for £50.00 - half the original price. I wanted to wear my purple leggings but they are thinner and it was cold so I opted for the plum ones as they are thicker.

The scarf is charity shopped as are the purple earrings, the pink bangles and square silver ring. The ring used to have an orange stone in it but it fell out and I quite like it as a plain silver ring. I even have purple glasses to match!

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