Friday 22 January 2016

Not buying it Day 21 & 22

Day 21

Tomorrow is the start of my 4th week of not buying it!

I'm wearing a skirt from H & M charity shopped; yellow jumper charity shopped, boots from the Re Use centre, scarf charity shopped and moto jacket,  a Christmas present from my daughter.

Earrings  from Sainsburys, necklace, charity shopped in Exmouth, bracelet and bangle charity shopped, as is the watch. The ring is one I bought for myself years ago.

(Pictures taken by 11 year old grandson!)

Week 4 - Day 22

I  am amazed at how long some of the bloggers hold on to their clothes! I keep reading on the style/fashion
blogs about garments that people have hung on to since the 1970s and 1980s! That's 40 and 30 years ago!

It got me thinking and I think the oldest thing I have in my wardrobe is a jacket I bought at a car boot sale about 12 years ago and a trench coat. The only reason I have kept them for so long is that I put them in the loft and forgot about them - this is the danger of putting things in the loft. Rooting around up there for my long boots some weeks back, I found the jacket and coat. They are an example of two extremes - the jacket was 50p and the trench, £100.00 from when I had a store card for Debenhams....

I don't know how people manage to keep their clothes for so long. I am in awe of that.  In my early adult life I was fashion conscious and got rid of out of fashion items. Then when I got married and had kids and didn't have much money to spend on clothes, I got rid of things I was fed up with. When I divorced and had more money to spend on clothes and began to buy from charity shops, I got rid of clothes when I fell out of love with them. Why? Why didn't I just put them in the loft instead? Why didn't I hang on to all my clothes?

The Biba cloche hat, geometric print culottes, and bell sleeved, brown silky top bought in 1969, when I first started working. The 1980s batwing white and red dress and the red peep toe shows bought in a French supermarket? The 1980s beautifully tailored navy blue blazer bought for me? The 1960s crochet dress. The  1970s multi coloured loon pants. The 1970s suede trousers with lacing up each leg. The blue wool knitted jacket....the list is endless, but then, the idea of holding on to clothes was not something I was consciously aware of.  In the past I also didn't have storage space so it was necessary to discard things to make room for new. But I am sorry I didn't keep some of my clothes even though nothing would fit me now and I do admire those who have - and who can still fit into them!!

Beads from Oxfam in Newport Pagnell £2.99 and earrings - yes you've guessed it - Sainsburys.

The shirt was £5.00 from Sue Ryder, knitted tunic  from Zara, charity shopped, leggings Sainsburys - last seen here and black leather boots from Zara, bought in British Red Cross shop for £12.00 2 years ago.

The oldest thing I'm wearing are the earrings which are about 3 years old!

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