Saturday 23 January 2016

Not Buying it - Day 23

Day 23

More alstroemeria but this time in deep pink. Vase bought for 50p with a matching jug for 50p at Salvation Army shop some months ago. The yellow alstroemeria are still going strong 2 weeks later! The crochet throw was made by me and was the last in a series of 12 throws I made, in a range of designs, to relearn how to crochet after a 35 year hiatus! I've a had about a 2 month break from crocheting, but I have 1 lot of bunting (for my daughter) to finish, 2 cat caves for grandson's cats and then on to throw number 13 in an African flower design.

Weekends are all about easy and comfortable dressing - unless you're going out anywhere. Boots from Clarks winter sale about 5 years. Leggings from Matalan and black jumper from Lidl.

Scarf from Save the Children £2.00 on Monday last ( I'm still buying accessories but not clothes - a girl's got to buy something!). Earrings from Sainsburys.

Bangles all charity shopped as is silver watch. Green ring Christmas present from mum many years ago.

I'm going to join in  with Spygirl's 52 Pick me Up Closet Remix, which  this week is Kelly Green - the exact colour of my scarf. You can see it here 

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