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Busy, busy, busy...

I'm almost scared to type this in case I tempt fate; the comments problem seems to have gone- except that I have lost all my previous comments. This is very sad as I have had many lovely and very amusing comments, but when you switch from Google to Blogger comments you lose them. I just have to accept it and move on! What is good is that several people have said they had previously been unable to comment - but now they can! Here's some of my dried hydrangeas in a lovely Maltese glass vase my friend gave me. Her son's funeral is on 5th July and it's going to be a very sad occasion, but we will celebrate his life in the best way we can. I had a pretty hectic week last week hence no posts.  On Monday, I did the school run, then went to volunteer at Save the Children. On Tuesday I was at the food bank and went walking in the afternoon. I got slightly lost and ended up walking over 9 miles. I was very tired, went to bed early and slept like a log! I went walking

Comments problems...again!

All the previous comments on the blog seem to have disappeared! I have   therefore removed the' comment via Google +' as I keep having problems with the comments on the blog. I think it is maybe because of this. This is just for a trial period to see if things improve - or get worse! Please don't stop commenting - I really enjoy reading your comments! If you usually use Google+ to comment you can still comment directly from the blog post (I think).

A mixed bag

The last few days have been a mixed bag. My friend's son died on Thursday evening. He was only 35 so it's  a deeply sad and tragic loss of a life. I had taken her to see him on Thursday; we left the unit just before 8 pm and he died about an hour later. May he rest in peace. Moving from deaths to births; last week we celebrated 3 birthdays. My youngest grandson was 6 and my OH's twin sisters were 60, all on Saturday. We went to London for the twins birthday party and one of them had baked two birthday cakes: The other sister's name is on the left hand side. Those are two little teddies each wearing a diamond necklace, a frou frou skirt and a hat with a pearl in it; all entirely edible! With the exception of the necklace and pearls, of course. Such marvellous cakes! They put the cake I made for my grandson - chocolate sponge with chocolate icing and covered in Smarties - to shame. But I know which cake he'd prefer! This is what I wore to the pa

The walk went well!

I went to Cambridge on Saturday to take my friend to see her son. Unfortunately, his condition is deteriorating. The only thing I can do is be there for my friend and give her as much support as possible. She brought along quite a few things such as crystals, a miniature anchor and other bits and bobs which have significance to her or her son. I had some Holy Water from Lourdes that an uncle gave me years ago. Although I'm not a believer; I kept it (!) and on Saturday I took it to Cambridge with me and we sprinkled it on a little square of cloth which was pinned to his pillow. I also met another friend in the week who is a believer and quite actively involved with a church. I told her about my other friend's son and she and her prayer group were going to pray for him. I thought that was rather lovely to pray for someone you had never met and didn't know. Friday's outfit. Earrings from Guildhall charity shop. Necklace charity shopped a few months ago.

Glorious weather!

The weather did improve on Saturday but we had no sun! It was cloudy but very warm. I recce'd my walk again (7 miles) and I was dripping with sweat by the end!  On Sunday I had a lovely, lazy day. I did a wash, made dinner and sat in the sun - yes, finally we had sunshine in Bedford after a whole week's absence; and read my book, 'Meadowland' by John Lewis-Stempel. I'd heard his latest book 'The Running Hare' serialised on Radio 4, so I reserved it from the library and Meadowland. It's excellent, beautifully written and just so interesting. I'm very fond of nature writing and if you like it too, there's an excellent blog called 'Tales of the City' by Melissa Harrison (author of 'Clay' and 'At Hawthorn Time')  here . Sunday's outfit - top £1.00, Bedford market, years ago; trousers; charity shopped, lace up pumps; Primarni. I found some abandoned plant pots and planters on the street, waste not want not I