A mixed bag

The last few days have been a mixed bag.
My friend's son died on Thursday evening. He was only 35 so it's  a deeply sad and tragic loss of a life. I had taken her to see him on Thursday; we left the unit just before 8 pm and he died about an hour later. May he rest in peace.

Moving from deaths to births; last week we celebrated 3 birthdays. My youngest grandson was 6 and my OH's twin sisters were 60, all on Saturday. We went to London for the twins birthday party and one of them had baked two birthday cakes:
The other sister's name is on the left hand side.
Those are two little teddies each wearing a diamond necklace, a frou frou skirt and a hat with a pearl in it; all entirely edible! With the exception of the necklace and pearls, of course.
Such marvellous cakes! They put the cake I made for my grandson - chocolate sponge with chocolate icing and covered in Smarties - to shame. But I know which cake he'd prefer!

This is what I wore to the party.

Everything, except the sandals were charity shopped. I bought the black and white top last week in the British Red Cross shop. The trousers are from Spain (just lately quite a few things I've bought have been made in Spain) from the Children's Society. The turquoise coat was bought about 2 years ago, but I can't remember where. The last time I wore it was see OH's niece perform at the Donmar Warehouse in London. An all female production of Henry IV - it was brilliant!

 I've finally painted my toenails!

Sandals from the Tesco Outlet store - £4.00.

All jewellery except what's on my left hand was charity shopped.

This was Friday's outfit - a bit more practical as I had a very busy day. I did the school run, did the food shop, dropped donated items to the food bank and to Save the Children, did a wash and hung it out, had a quick rummage in the 3:16 charity shop, changed over handbags (what a pain that is), picked up the grandchildren from school and then drove youngest grandson and Dad home, came home and cooked dinner...

The cardigan is a recent buy from the British Red Cross - all the clothes there are £1.99.
I also bought a rather lovely Charles Rennie Mackintosh type mirror in there as well. That was a bit of a coincidence because the print on the cardigan is reminiscent of CRM!

The mirror still has its price sticker on it as I haven't yet decided where to put it...the mirror I mean, not the sticker!

I'm hoping to buy a new chest of drawers that will be just for me so I can keep most of my clothes in one place. Currently, I have underwear and short sleeved or sleeveless tops in one chest of drawers; nightwear and long sleeved tops in another chest of drawers. Both sets of drawers shared with OH. Belts, gloves, slips and swim wear in boxes under my bed. Tights and leggings in my bedside chest of drawers.  I keep my socks hanging in a bag on the side of one of the chest of drawers. If I could get rid of the stuff under the bed into a chest of drawers I'd be happy!

Necklace was my mum's and the earrings were a present from OH. I'm wearing brown lipstick for a change but I do prefer red lippy!

Here's Monday outfit - what a weird day it was. Heavy rain showers interspersed with brilliant sunshine but not cold when it rained, so that was something to be thankful for.

A better view of my CRM mirror.

Everything charity shopped including jewellery, Linen trousers = a crease fest!

Jacket bought from Beales Sale about 3 years ago.


I didn't get a chance to play on the new till at the charity shop today. I was too busy culling and steaming!

Hope you all have a fab week.


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  2. I love that black & white top in the first outfit, and the ginormous necklace in the 2nd one. Our tastes in jewelry (bold, bright) intersect.

    Yay, I'm so happy I can comment!


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