Glorious weather!

The weather did improve on Saturday but we had no sun! It was cloudy but very warm. I recce'd my walk again (7 miles) and I was dripping with sweat by the end!

 On Sunday I had a lovely, lazy day. I did a wash, made dinner and sat in the sun - yes, finally we had sunshine in Bedford after a whole week's absence; and read my book, 'Meadowland' by John Lewis-Stempel. I'd heard his latest book 'The Running Hare' serialised on Radio 4, so I reserved it from the library and Meadowland. It's excellent, beautifully written and just so interesting. I'm very fond of nature writing and if you like it too, there's an excellent blog called 'Tales of the City' by Melissa Harrison (author of 'Clay' and 'At Hawthorn Time') here.

Sunday's outfit - top £1.00, Bedford market, years ago; trousers; charity shopped, lace up pumps; Primarni.
I found some abandoned plant pots and planters on the street, waste not want not I thought, when I was taking grandson home and OH just had to go buy more soil and plants to go in them...none of them are in this picture, but do you like my lavender in the galvanised bucket?

All jewellery charity shopped.
They say age shows in the hands and my hands do look their age. I'm sure it's because our hands are usually exposed to all weathers. I know in the summer my hands are the brownest part of me even though I try to keep out of the sun.

Here's a few more things blooming in the garden...

Night scented stocks

My lupin bloomed today!

 Geraniums, fuschias, pansies and petunias; I don't know what the other ones are -  they're the ones OH bought today...

On Monday I had Poll Clerk training  for the Referendum on the 23rd and on my way back I bumped into Naomi - our lovely local fashionista!

She makes all her own clothes adapting what she finds in the charity shops. When it's hot she usually has a parasol which matches her outfits....

 On Tuesday I walked my walk again (7 miles) and oh boy was it hot. I was melting by the end. I had to pop into town when I got back and I got home just before the thunderstorm broke. It rained and rained but the garden was looking very grateful after it stopped - several hours later. Lots of lightening flashes and very loud cracks of thunder. Luckily, I don't have a nervous disposition...

 On Wednesday I bumped into Naomi again. Sometimes I don't see her for months and then I see her twice in the same week! Sod's Law at work again. Naomi doesn't mind posing for a photo - which is a piece of luck! Can you see her lace parasol and an exquisite looking jacket on her shopping trolley? She is never without the shopping trolley.

We have a charity furniture shop (one of 3 in Bedford) which is a charity for people with learning disabilities. I walked past it on Wednesday and decided to pop in for a quick look. I spent the princely sum of  £1.90 and bought: a vase; (50p) a small jug (20p); a book (20p); a hat and pair of cotton trousers! Bargain! They don't normally do clothes but they had two rails upstairs; one for men and one for women and everything was 50p!

Here's the vase.

I don't normally have a tablecloth on the table but on Monday evening my 3 brothers all came for dinner and my eldest brother stayed the night. He had just come back from Denmark where he had a gig and it was lovely to see him. He's always so busy rehearsing, performing, producing. composing and writing music that he makes it to Bedford only a couple of times in the year. We do go to watch him perform when we can especially if it's within easy travelling distance such as Northampton or Milton Keynes.

I only knew of and met this brother in 2013 and I will do a post one day about how he came into our lives.

Here's my 50p hat!

This was Wednesday's outfit. Everything charity shopped. I had white loafers on from River Island - also charity shopped. I remembered to take a photo just as I was getting ready for bed....
All jewellery except rings charity shopped and earrings from E Bay

Not very exciting outfits this week but I just want to be cool and not sweaty all the time...

Everything charity shopped. I'd just come back from a late afternoon walk with my daughter (7 miles). I just wore my walking boots and took the kimono off!

Most of the bangles are charity shopped although one was a present from OH soon after we met - it's 3 entwined bangles which can't be separated. Ring charity shop.

Necklace - Primarni. Angel wing earrings, charity shop.

Here's hoping we have a glorious weekend, too!


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