Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The walk went well!

I went to Cambridge on Saturday to take my friend to see her son. Unfortunately, his condition is deteriorating. The only thing I can do is be there for my friend and give her as much support as possible.
She brought along quite a few things such as crystals, a miniature anchor and other bits and bobs which have significance to her or her son. I had some Holy Water from Lourdes that an uncle gave me years ago. Although I'm not a believer; I kept it (!) and on Saturday I took it to Cambridge with me and we sprinkled it on a little square of cloth which was pinned to his pillow.

I also met another friend in the week who is a believer and quite actively involved with a church. I told her about my other friend's son and she and her prayer group were going to pray for him. I thought that was rather lovely to pray for someone you had never met and didn't know.

Friday's outfit. Earrings from Guildhall charity shop. Necklace charity shopped a few months ago.

These are my 50p linen trousers bought in the Garden Carers charity shop last Tuesday. Top, blouse, watch all charity shopped.

Floral pumps - Primarni.

Linking up with Anne's of Spygirl's 52 Pick Me up here because it's silver and my silver necklace must surely qualify...

Saturday's outfit. Everything is charity shopped.

These are the beige skinny trousers I bought a couple of weeks back; the pattern is actually a small snakeskin (?) print. The brown top is from Italy and is linen. I love linen in the summer - although it's a bugger to iron - because I find it very cool. This is one of six linen tops I have in my collection!

Yes, this massive lump is actually my knee  - it looks like the arm of a sofa!

Necklace charity shopped. Earrings, Sainsburys - a recent purchase.

Sunday's outfit.

We headed out for a car boot sale on Sunday morning only to get there and find out it was cancelled - again! That's twice that's happened in the past few weeks so I must find out if they have website and and check it first! I must get to a car boot sale soon....

I used to hate orange and yellow as colours for clothes. Since I've got older I really like them!

These are the same skinny trousers as yesterday. Top and vest underneath charity shopped as are bangles and watch and shoes. Earrings, Sainsburys of course! Necklace charity shopped. Since writing this one of these earrings has disappeared. I remember taking it off in my bedroom but now it's vanished....

Well, my first walk as a walk leader on Wednesday went well; (cor, what a lot of alliteration!) I went a bit awry in the woods but found our way out - eventually! I was so lucky that it didn't rain and in fact the sun shone and got pretty hot at times. In fact the woods were a welcome relief from the sun but they were a bit muddy and slippery. Anyway, I didn't lose anybody; nobody had an accident and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I better start looking for a new walk now so I can lead another one!

Kimono; present from daughter, leggings; Lidl, top charity shopped. Loafers; Tesco outlet store.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I went to be trained on our new till when I got back from walking. It's an all dancing, all singing one and seems quite easy and straightforward. I can't wait to use it properly on Monday.

How's your week been?

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