Monday 7 March 2016

Yet another kimono!

This is the fifth and final kimono in my wardrobe. It was actually the first one I ever got - a Christmas present from my daughter, about two Christmases ago. I wore it on Saturday with slouchy jeans, charity shopped at British Red Cross shop, £1.99. A green top from La Redoute, bought in their sale about 4 years ago. Black creepers on line retail. Earrings from Sainsburys, of course! Necklace bought recently in a local shop -'Lola and Simi'. Bangles and watch charity shopped.

This is what I wore to go out with my daughter on Mother's Day. I had planned to wear a dress but it was cold and I'm going out next Friday with my brothers for a birthday meal, so I'll wear a dress then. Everything I'm wearing apart from the boots, jacket, and earrings is charity shopped.

Trousers Age UK £1.99; grey spotted shirt charity shop last year - can't remember which one; white jumper £1.00 rail Keech Cottage Hospice shop; boots donated to me by my daughter; jacket Christmas present from daughter; scarf one of 4, present from step daughter.

The meal was lovely - I had three courses as it was a special Mother's Day menu. Normally, I can't manage 3 courses but the starter was small as was the dessert. I also got a Jack Garrett CD and some chocolates. I am very lucky, I know!

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

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