Friday, 4 March 2016

It's definitely Spring!

After a monochromatic look last week I wanted more colour on Monday.  Plus, it's springtime! I bought this yellow dress from E bay before Christmas. It looked asymmetric in the photos on line- it isn't - but I do like the colour. I used to really dislike yellow and for some reason I now love it!

I wore the dress with my colourful Bench top bought from the 3:16 Christian charity shop. I also wore one of my gold brooches just underneath the scarf.

 The scarf, from Zara, was a birthday present from oldest (and newest!) brother. He's 11 months older than me and we met for the first time in March 2013 - almost 3 years ago. I am going to write a post about my 'new' brother at some point. 

Earrings are a new addition from Sainsburys, bought when they had 25% off. Lapis lazuli ring is my favourite of all my rings and was bought as a treat for myself about 10 years ago.

The tights were bought in a charity shop ages ago and I've only  begun to wear them in the last few months. They are warm and quite unusual. I got three compliments on them on Monday in the shop! Shoes are from Tesco on line sale with 50% off.

I aim to leave Save the Children on Mondays empty handed but again I couldn't do it this week! When I got in they had completely reorganised the shop and had donations brought from other StC shops, so there were a lot of new items.

 I did very well. I bought a dress which was rescued from the ragbag for 50 p. A wine coloured knitted tunic for £3.50. A lovely lime green shirt; M&S again for £3.00. I also bought a pair of earrings and two bangles.

It was cold on Tuesday so I dressed for warmth! Under this knitted tunic I bought on Monday at Save the Children, I have a white top rescued from the ragbag. These are spotty, skinny jeans bought from a charity shop last year and boots from Tesco outlet.

Oh Gawd! I look a right misery in this photo. I'm not - I'm nearly always cheerful and happy! I'm wearing a metallic look necklace, silver disc earrings, bangles including the spotty ones I bought last week and a watch, all charity shopped. The middle bangle is quite unusual. It has an interesting bolt type catch. I've had it for about 10 years now. I can't see any mark or name on it, unfortunately.

On Wednesday we walked from Waresley Woods and did 6.5 miles. It's only 12 miles to Cambridge from here. It was muddy,  cold, the wind was very strong and icy and on the way back it rained. I learned my walking trousers were not waterproof; enough said.

I went walking again on Thursday from Cockayne Hatley church and we did 5 miles.  Such a marvellous name. It would make you want to go there just for the name, I think! The first ever Ramblers walk I went on was from this place. It was a glorious day, bright and sunny but chilly. There are primroses, snowdrops and daffodils everywhere you look across the countryside. We saw a Kestrel, two Buzzards and a running fox.

Image result for cockayne hatley church

This is the carving in the chancel of the church which is called the church of John the Baptist It dates back to the 15th century. 

If you'd like to know more about Cockayne Hatley there is a link to a good article here by Candida Lycett Green

This is what I changed into when I came back from walking. I had to go into town  to do a few things and do the food shopping.
Trousers bought at the British Red Cross as are the blue suede boots. Both were £1.99 because all their items are £1.99. The gilet was also charity shopped a couple of years ago but can't remember which one.

This top was bought at Store 21 in their sale on a recent trip to Rushden.

I'm using this photo to join in with 'SpyGirl' Anne's here link up for Navy/Ink blue.

Necklace years old from Primarni and earrings charity shopped, too. Oh dear, I've just noticed a bit of plastic hanging loop hanging out!

On Friday I went out to recce the walk again. Although we walked 7.5 miles I have to start from where people can park and the route we did on Sunday would only have been 5 miles. Today I managed to start at a car park and plot a 7 mile walk. I'm so pleased with myself! The walk has a bit of everything; some climbs, woodland walking, field walking, and a little bit of road walking; plus there were no stiles. This is a bonus because some people have difficulty getting over stiles....

Of course I wore walking boots and gaiters when I was walking, but a  passing, friendly dog jumped up on me and left muddy prints over my tunic. I managed to brush it all off when I got home but had to wash the coat.

I'm wearing a floral top charity shopped over a tunic bought from the Christian 3:16 charity shop on Wednesday for £4.00. Boots from the Reuse centre and leggings from Sainsburys.  Scarf, one of 4, gift from step-daughter. Pink bracelets charity shopped and watch. Pink earrings retail NOT Sainsbury's!

I'm being taken out for dinner on Sunday for Mother's Day by my beautiful daughter. An excuse to dress up!

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