Saturday, 19 March 2016


I actually managed to leave the Save the Children charity shop on Monday without anything for myself! I did get a few bits for the two youngest grandsons  - so not completely empty handed.

After walking on Wednesday I was still in a decent enough condition; i.e. not covered in mud with muddy boots, to do a bit of rummaging on my way back home.  I had some birthday money left even after buying a badly needed new pair of waterproof walking trousers. As always happens I then found a perfectly good pair of walking trousers (although not waterproof), and in another colour for £3.99, when I went to Ampthill; a very small market town with only 4 charity shops.

I'm trying to be sensible with my purchases now as I have too many clothes. This time I was looking for clothes for my holiday in Spain. I've already picked up a skirt from a charity shop for summer here and a greatly reduced, brand new,  pair of sandals at the Tesco outlet shop for £4.00.

This is what I've bought this week...

A grey and white spotted sleeveless dress. I will wear it with a lightweight jacket or something underneath -  a t shirt maybe - because I don't really do sleeveless. As I don't have enough wardrobe space I keep any lightweight summer clothes in the chest at the foot of my bed, and hang it all up when the weather changes to summer - hence the wrinkles. This was on the reduced rail at Barnardo's for £2.99.

Brand new, with tags, loose F & F  summer trousers £2.29 on reduced rail at Barnardo's. I just love green.

This floaty top was £1.50 in the RSPCA shop. I'll have to wear a camisole underneath but I love the colours. I also bought my OH a grey knitted top in here for £1.00 and 3 hot water bottles for £1.00! We're off to Donegal soon and may be needing them.

On Thursday, with the money I had left over I went down to the High Street in Bedford and looked at the charity shops there. There are 4 but I only looked in 3 as I spent all my money. I spotted this Monsoon top in the window of the RSPCA shop for £3.99  - and it was my size. It's not a summer top, but it's a useful tunic to add to my collection and a lovely rusty red colour.

Another summer skirt from Bay (a now defunct chain, I recall) with lots of lovely colours in it   - it looks a bit wrinkled because I had just washed it and hung it up to dry. I bought this in the RSPCA shop for £3.99.

I picked up the lovely chartreuse coloured beret at the Oxfam shop for £1.99. The three bangles were a £1.00 each in Marie Curie. With the exception of yellow; I now have enough bangles in all colours to last me a good long while. The earrings, which remind me of Vix of Vintage Vixen here for some reason -  I bought on Wednesday, in Barnardo's for £1.49. 

 I stopped at the Keech Hospice shop on my way back home and picked up the gold beaded necklace for 99p, as it had a broken catch, but I fixed it with a pair of tweezers.

A good week's rummaging and birthday money all spent!

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