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On Wednesday we went walking in Sandy and did just over 8 miles.

This rather beautiful house (complete with garden waste bin!) was on one side of our walk starting point  at Beeston Green; Sandy, Bedfordshire on Thursday. It was an amble and we walked 5.5 miles.

Image result for Beeston Green images

 This green, which was one of the biggest village greens I'd ever seen, had 44 different varieties of trees!

As we returned to our starting point we passed an information board which told us that part of the route we had just walked was called the Skylark Walk. It was true  - we heard and saw so many Skylarks including one flying up from her nest on the ground. The sound of skylarks is one of my most favourite sounds.

On Saturday I went out walking by myself and did 5 miles. I walked from  the village of Ravensden to the outskirts of another village called Wilden and back to Ravensden -  I did a big loop.

These are some of the beautiful houses I passed. There's something just so romantic about a thatched cottage!

This made me laugh. I expected to see a grossly obese animal but when I looked further into the field I saw this horse. I had no idea horses could choke on apples and carrots; if I remember when I go walking I try to put apples or carrots in my rucksack in case I do meet any horses. I won't be doing that again!

Sunday was a beautiful day, in fact it would have been ideal walking weather but we went to a visit a very good friend in hospital. He had a stroke 7 weeks ago and is off to a rehabilitation unit on Monday in Northampton. He is much improved from when we last saw him and it was lovely to see him sitting up, out of bed and talking.

I got OH to take some pictures outside as it was such a lovely day. Garden needs a good tidy up and cutting back which we'll do next weekend before we go to Donegal. I gave the checked trousers another whirl. They're really quite heavy so I won't be able to wear them in the summer. Unfortunately, the British Red Cross shop where I bought them has suffered from flooding and has been closed all week. So no more £1.99 bargains for a while.

Black top £1.00 rail, cardigan charity shopped, creepers on line retail.

Leather moto jacket Christmas present from daughter.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Have a good week!


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