Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Because I'm getting older my memory is not as good as it was. That's my short term memory I'm referring to. I used to have a marvellous memory for names although that is getting rusty now. Apparently long term memory is retained really well as you age. So, I'll have lots of memories I can look back on. This is one from 3 years ago, on my eldest grandson's 18th birthday. There he is combing his hair - as usual! Today, is his 21st birthday. 


(Three years ago I used to dye my hair to cover my grey. I stopped dyeing it in December 2014 and I have no regrets at all.  I wrote a post about it here .My scalp is also a lot less itchier)!

To return to the memory theme.  I was present at this and the youngest grandson's birth and what magical moments they were. Now the eldest is at university in London; working his socks off  in a restaurant when not at uni and I'm very proud of him. We're off out again this Tuesday evening to eat and celebrate his birthday and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with him and the rest of the family.

Here he is after being serenaded by the  Brown's restaurant staff and us and presented with birthday cake made by me.  He was incredibly embarrassed by it all but had the good grace to smile - just as I took this photo. Even though I had my glasses on it took me until later on in the evening to realise those were strawberry quarters NOT carrots!

This is what I wore: OTK boots - birthday present from daughter; black skinny jeans; Lidl, last week  £5.99, striped top; Primarni years old, Bench waistcoat/sleeveless top; Age UK sale rail £4.00 last week. I think I should have left the waistcoat opened.

Beads, bangles, watch, earrings and brooch all charity shopped.

I'm looking very flushed here but I was rushing around before setting off to Milton Keynes and meeting grandson off the train.

I'm also reading a rather sad book about memory; 'There Were no Windows' by Norah Hoult.  It's about an elderly woman, who is clearly suffering from Alzheimer's disease, set in the 1940s. The story is narrated from the differing perspectives of the people she comes into contact with. Some of these people are from her past and some are more recent acquaintances. As her short term memory is exceedingly poor, she constantly repeats herself and asks the same questions to the increasing irritation of everyone she knows. She lives in fear of being sent to the lunatic asylum as she has no family who care for her  - but is at the mercy of her cook/housekeeper - or is she...? I'm still reading it so don't know the if she is or isn't!!

I'm off walking on Wednesday and Thursday with the Ramblers and if it stays dry on Friday I'll go out walking by myself on Friday in between the school run. I've got some birthday money left to spend so should be having a rummage on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon...

Hope you're all having a good week!

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