Saturday 6 February 2016

Not buying it - Day 35

Day 35

I have decided after 5 solid weeks to abandon the 'not buying it thing'. Partly it's because its such a hassle to get my OH to take the photos daily, but also because we are going charity shopping to Northampton tomorrow and what happens if I see something fabulous - or just a bargain? So this is my 35th consecutive post where I've tried to shop my wardrobe and wear outfits composed of what I already have, without adding any new items other than accessories. I can still carry the 'shopping my wardrobe' challenge forward, but I can buy new things and go back to just blogging once or twice a week; rather than every other day.

This outfit is entirely charity shopped. The wide legged navy trousers, the gingham shirt and the blue jumper.
The boots are my Tesco outlet faithfuls but will be binned soon as the heel is wearing down and it costs more to re heel them than they originally cost!

Bangles are charity shopped as are the pearl necklaces. I have quite a few pearl necklaces both long and short. The earrings were a present from OH when we stayed in Oxford for his birthday last year. They were off a market stall and he bought me a square pair as well but I left them in the mobile home in Donegal last year - by accident.

I'm going to link up with Spygirl's 52 Pick me up here - it's Sapphire blue this week and I think my blue top qualifies!

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