Thursday 4 February 2016

Not buying it - Days 33 and 34

Day 33

I was feeling like a lie in this morning so I didn't get up in time to go on a Rambler's walk. 
I find the older I get the less I like rushing around. If something requires rushing around - count me out.
So. although I didn't get up in time I still went walking. I walked to a village about 3 miles outside of Bedford called Bromham. In fact I walked to end of Bromham Park,which was the home of the local gentry, and back again - 7 miles exactly. I spied these lovely snowdrops on my walk.

I thought this tree was magnificent!

We lived in Bromham when I first moved to Bedfordshire 35 years ago. I didn't like it. I was born and grew up in London and I love cities and towns. I didn't drive when we lived in Bromham and the public transport was woeful; it was difficult to do shopping and go anywhere with two small children. I was much happier when I moved into Bedford town! The countryside is lovely but I don't want to live in it. I do enjoy walking in it though!

(I had taken a few more pictures and put them on the blog and then deleted them from my phone. When I came to add in day 34 they'd disappeared from the blog too!)

I wore this outfit today - more red but some  burnt orange/rust too!

The camel colour trousers have zips at the bottom and I bought them from the La Redoute sale some years ago. I usually wear them in the summer, but as they are made of thick cotton I've co opted them for winter too. The knitted rust/burnt orange waistcoat was a charity shop find - originally from Primarni. The tunic has a bit of a 60s vibe with the red,camel, purple and mocha psychedelic pattern; charity shopped.

I'm wearing my brown animal print boots from Primarni but I didn't walk in them - I wore my proper walking boots.

The beads were a gift from son's ex partner and the earrings were charity shopped. They combine red and orange and were the inspiration for this outfit.

Day 34

I did get up and go walking today and we did 5 miles. It was a beautiful day and quite mild. We hoped we would see some lambs, but we're a few weeks too early; although we saw some very pregnant ewes. 2 sheep had got out of a field and we had fun trying to get them back in. I don't mind a bit of sheep herding when I'm walking!

I've worn this tunic before here (but not as part of 'not buying it') and it came from a charity shop some years ago. The vest/waistcoat is a recent purchase from the Children's Society for £3.99. Leggings are from M&S and I have a brown pair too, bought with a gift voucher which was a retirement present from work colleagues. Black boots  from Next, a Christmas present from daughter about 3 years ago.

This coral scarf came from the charity shop where I volunteer; it was £1.99. Bangles are charity shopped and the bracelet a gift from my ex mum-in-law. Watch charity shopped.

Earrings are, naturally, from Sainsburys!

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