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Help please!!

 Hi - I'm having problems with the comments on the blog. I'm receiving Google+ notifications that I've got comments but when I get linked through to the blog to read them they're not there! I can't even read them in their entirety on Google+ because when I get to the end of the message as it appears on the screen  in Google+ (usually mid sentence) it takes me to the blog where no comments exist! It's very weird and very frustrating. If anyone can help please email me....I love reading people's comments and I'm missing out on them.

Black, white and red

This is a view from Maulden Woods where we walked 7 miles on Wednesday, It was a glorious day, cold, crisp and lovely sunshine. It's perfect walking weather. I f you have layers on (and you should) you can discard them. I had 4 layers on and only discarded my gloves but kept the layers on. I was hot and sweaty at the end. It was back to the usual weekly routine this week. I got 5 tops for my grandsons at Save the Children on Monday where I volunteer but nothing for me! I've been there since the middle of October and it's the first time I've left with nothing for me. In fact my Save the Children shop is in need of donations, badly.  Our shop is situated in the town  centre in a pedestrianised area. It is therefore difficult to drop off donations by car and we suffer for it compared to other charity shops. For example, we have a new Sue Ryder shop that opened last summer. You can drive into their car park and unload your bags of donations. The last time I was

Half term break

I love half term - no school run on Mondays and Fridays. I haven't done that much this week despite my relative freedom. I've been walking 3 days in a row. On Tuesday I did 5 miles on my own. On Wednesday we (Ramblers) walked 7 miles in a place called Little Staughton - this is the church where we started from.  This is us trekking up the hill back to the church on the return journey. Then on Thursday we walked 4.5 miles in Marston Thrift."  Marston Thrift is a magnificent 140 acre wood on the West Bedfordshire Ridge below the village of Cranfield. There has been a wood here for at least 900 years and over time a unique, wildlife community has developed, including rare and unusual species".  We didn't see any rare or unusual species but we did see and walked through a lot of mud - it had rained all night! On Friday I went to Rushden, which is about 12 miles away from Bedford, for a rummage around the charity shops. This is what I wore

Kimono weekend

This the kimono I bought last week and I wore it on Saturday to go and visit my son. I had planned to wear this necklace (a recent purchase from the Salvation Army for £1.25) with the kimono but the bloody thing fell to pieces when I put it on and it's not repairable - damn! The skinny jeans are from Primarni, the black draped top from La Redoute sale last year worn with black vest underneath from Lidl; black ankle boots from Next; Christmas present from daughter about 3 years ago. Blue beads, bangles and earrings all charity shopped.  I look a bit serious here - was I thinking about whether my OH would remember it's Valentine's Day on Sunday or not? Of course he did -  flowers and chocolates; bless him! Especially as I wasn't even going to be spending it with him.... Instead I spent Valentine's Day with my friend Natalie in Cambridge and her friends. We went out for lunch, drank a few glasses of wine and then went back t

I've gone a bit bonkers!

Having not bought any clothes for 5 weeks I went a bit bonkers for a few days.  Or as my late mum would have 'sure, you've gone completely mad'. I popped into Bedford first thing Saturday morning to satisfy my desire to charity shop for clothes; followed that with a charity shopping trip to Northampton and then bought a couple of bits in the charity shop I volunteer in on Mondays - and bought a couple of things in the British Red Cross shop. On Tuesday I went to the Salvation Army shop and picked up a couple of things, too.  I feel happy now and not deprived! On Saturday I bought this little blue and white container to hold my mini cacti - £1.50 in Save the Children, Northampton. I also bought 6 wineglasses in this shop for my daughter for £1.50. I bought this blue knitted dress to replace some of the 4 dresses I gave away, as I realised they didn't suit me. This one is Empire line and suits me better. I bought this in Oxfam, Bedford for £5.00.

I am buying it!

I am buying it! I was so excited to be buying again, I popped into Bedford town first thing Saturday morning to check out a few charity shops before we went to Northampton. I realised, through doing the shopping my wardrobe thing for 35 days, that I didn't have any boyfriend/slouchy jeans in my wardrobe; only straight leg or skinny ones, so I was very pleased to pick these ones up for £1.99 in the British Red Cross shop. It's a very casual look today! I also bought a structured pencil skirt here for the same price - in fact all the clothes are this price  in this shop. Then in Age UK they had two rails of sale clothes and I picked up another pair of slouchy jeans for £1.79. Slouchy jeans are just like buses - there aren't any for ages then two come along at once! I also picked up a beautiful draped pencil skirt - Twiggy from M&S for £2.29, and a knitted tunic in cream for £1.79. I bought this Bench multicoloured, zip up top for £1.50 in the 3:16 Christi

Not buying it - Day 35

Day 35 I have decided after 5 solid weeks to abandon the 'not buying it thing'. Partly it's because its such a hassle to get my OH to take the photos daily, but also because we are going charity shopping to Northampton tomorrow and what happens if I see something fabulous - or just a bargain? So this is my 35th consecutive post where I've tried to shop my wardrobe and wear outfits composed of what I already have, without adding any new items other than accessories. I can still carry the 'shopping my wardrobe' challenge forward, but I can buy new things and go back to just blogging once or twice a week; rather than every other day. This outfit is entirely charity shopped. The wide legged navy trousers, the gingham shirt and the blue jumper. The boots are my Tesco outlet faithfuls but will be binned soon as the heel is wearing down and it costs more to re heel them than they originally cost! Bangles are charity shopped as are the pearl