Thursday 11 February 2016

I've gone a bit bonkers!

Having not bought any clothes for 5 weeks I went a bit bonkers for a few days.  Or as my late mum would have 'sure, you've gone completely mad'. I popped into Bedford first thing Saturday morning to satisfy my desire to charity shop for clothes; followed that with a charity shopping trip to Northampton and then bought a couple of bits in the charity shop I volunteer in on Mondays - and bought a couple of things in the British Red Cross shop. On Tuesday I went to the Salvation Army shop and picked up a couple of things, too.  I feel happy now and not deprived!

On Saturday I bought this little blue and white container to hold my mini cacti - £1.50 in Save the Children, Northampton. I also bought 6 wineglasses in this shop for my daughter for £1.50.

I bought this blue knitted dress to replace some of the 4 dresses I gave away, as I realised they didn't suit me. This one is Empire line and suits me better. I bought this in Oxfam, Bedford for £5.00. The striped waistcoat was £2.00 from Save the Children, Bedford.

The scarf was £1.00 in the 3:16 Christian charity shop bought in Autumn 2015; the yellow tights were charity shopped ages ago. Boots from Sainsburys.

This time round I found that when I was charity shopping for clothes, I was much more choosy. I bought things I needed; slouchy jeans, structured pencil skirts and dresses. Yes, I bought 2 more Empire style dresses! One, a black knitted one from the £1.00 rail in the Cancer Research shop in Northampton, and a Country Casuals cerise, printed one for £1.99 in the British Red Cross shop.  I bought a white linen tunic from Next for £1.00 (for my holiday) and an animal print tunic for £1.50 (for my holiday) in the Sue Ryder shop in Northampton. This was a new shop to us as we've never come across it before on previous trips to Northampton.  Anyway, this time I found it much easier to look at clothes and discard them because I didn't need them, or they were the wrong shape or style for me.

I bought a patterned, scoop neck, short sleeved top  in Save the Children in Bedford for £2.00; as I have mostly plain tops with short sleeves. I also rescued a plain white Boden t shirt from the ragbag for 50p. I have plain white vests, plain white long sleeved tops but no short sleeved white t shirt! Finally, I bought a lovely colourful kimono for £1.99 in the British Red Cross shop and a coral coloured scarf in here for £1.00; not because I needed them but because I loved them. I also bought a crinkle, floral patterned long skirt for my holiday in the Salvation Army shop. Oh - and I bought a sweet bracelet with pink roses in it...

Earrings were bought in Debenhams in their January sale a good few years ago, metal cuff charity shopped and watch.

I think I have truly satisfied my  charity shopping urge for this week!

This is the kimono. I am going to wear it on Saturday when I go to see my son so I've hung it over a black draped top that I'll wear under it. I may wear it with black leggings or black skinny jeans and boots.

This is the skirt for my holiday.

This is the draped pencil skirt.

This is the small black and grey check pencil skirt.

This what I wore today. The second of the Empire line dresses - this one is H&M and from the £1.00 rail.

The cardigan is charity shopped a couple of years ago and the tights were also charity shopped. Brogues from Tesco 50%  off sale just after Christmas. Bangles charity shopped. I bought the necklace in a shop in Bedford called 'Simi and Lola' which is closing down and therefore has lots of reduced items. It's a lovely shop and I'll be sad to see it go. The earrings are from Sainsburys.

This is the sweet bangle I got for 50p and I bought this coral and red coloured necklace on Thursday for £1.25 at the Keech Hospice shop.  Yes, on my walking trip I passed 2 charity shops and had to pop in! I also bought this lovely hat there for £2.99 and a paperweight for 99p in Barnardos.

Isn't it fab? All I need now is somewhere to wear it to!

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