Friday 8 January 2016

Not buying it - Days 7 and 8

I've heard of bloggers who post photos of their outfits, but they don't actually wear them in their day to day lives. I just want to let you all know that I wear what I post - in all it's glory or shame. If I make fashion faux pas they're mine and no one else's. If you like them - great and if you don't - tough; go look elsewhere!

I can't tell you how excited I got when I first discovered fashion/style blogging. I read my first blog via Pinterest, which I discovered about 18 months ago looking for free crochet patterns. Sometimes pins were posted about older women's style and fashion and so I followed those links. And through those links what an amazing group of people I've found; all of whom are genuine, 'what you see is what you get' bloggers. To see real, actual women of all sizes, shapes, colours etc. wearing real, i.e. affordable clothes, was both a revelation and a joy!

No more stick thin, very young models and outrageously, ridiculously priced clothes!

Day 7. I usually wear this tunic with brown leggings but I got some new brown tights as a Christmas present from my daughter's ex partner and couldn't wait to wear them. The tunic is charity shopped and my brown ankle boots are from Debenhams; a Christmas present from OH last year. I'm thinking this tunic is too short without leggings, so I won't be wearing it with tights again!

For warmth I added a short sleeved cardigan in a sort of bobbly knit finish. I bought this in a charity shop in Exmouth when I went to stay with my best friend in Devon last year. My bangles are different shades of metal and are all in one piece - I bought them in a car boot sale for 50p. Earrings; which you can see better in the first photo above were from Bedford Market, many years ago. I'm also wearing a charity shopped ring with a topaz coloured stone which cost a £1.00.

So, it's been a week now since I pledged to try and 'shop' my own wardrobe and yes I've lapsed; I've spent £1.50 on two items of clothing from charity shops despite trying not to buy more, but for two new items in I've put two old items out so it's back to square one for the second week - must try harder...

Day 8.  8th January 2016

I went for a monochrome look today - I love colour but I'm very partial to black and white as well.
The oversized beads were from The Children's Society and cost £2.50. The gold earrings were bought from a lovely shop in Bedford called All Ears  about 15 years ago and were only a couple of pounds. I also have a silver pair the same.

The black jeans are from M & S and were charity shopped. about 3 years ago. The striped top is from H & M and was on the reduced rail in Age UK for £1.50. The waistcoat I've worn on a previous post and  is from Zara,  it was £3.00 in  Save the Children. The brothel creepers/beetle crushers were bought on line.

As I'm short and have short arms and legs I nearly always find that most jeans are too long. With skinny jeans its ok - you can roll/fold the legs up, but these jeans are quite thick and don't fold up so well. I'll either have to cut and sew a hem on them or I may discard them - I've almost got rid of them on two previous occasions but gave them a reprieve. The other thing is that  they're low rise jeans I've learnt not to buy low rise jeans as my tummy roll simply hangs over and creates a 'muffin' top. Thank God for high rise jeans; long may this trend last! I think I've just persuaded myself to recycle these jeans....

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