Not Buying It - Days 4, 5 and 6

Day 4. This dress was charity shopped as was the cardigan. The leggings were bought on E bay a few weeks back. The boots are my daughter's cast off's. The watch was a Christmas present about 4 years ago from my daughter and the necklace was a Christmas present 2 years ago from my brother. Earrings are from a charity shop and are real silver with a dark blue stone for the princely sum of 99p!

Day 5.  Skinny jeans from Primarni as are the desert boots. I bought the identical pair in The Children's Society charity shop but they were a size 3 and too tight; I usually wear a 4 and I have wide feet. I gave the size 3s to my daughter in law and bought myself a new pair (£10.00). Navy blue t shirt charity shopped, the waterfall cardigan is a Christmas present from my middle grandson. The beads were bought in the Oxfam shop in Newport Pagnell a few weeks back and were £2.99. Earrings were a gift from my ex mum-in-law.

Day 6. At last I decided to wear my 'hands' tunic. I'm still waiting for a yellow cardigan to arrive - a belated Christmas present from my OH. I had planned to wear the yellow cardigan with this tunic and with some yellow tights, but the tunic is too short to wear on its own. So, I wore plum coloured leggings bought from E bay, tunic from Save the Children £1.99, teal coloured cardigan another Studio catalogue bargain at £4.00. The boots were bought from the Reuse Centre in Bedford for £2.50, just before Christmas. I think my navy blue leggings might have looked better with the tunic but there's always another time!

The necklace was bought in a charity shop and the earrings are from Sainsbury's - again! I like their earrings; they often have really lovely ones, but I usually wait until they are on offer before buying them.

I have a confession to make. See how I've slipped it in here at the bottom rather than starting the post with it? I have lapsed...."forgive me Father I have sinned. It's been ONLY 4 days since I last bought some clothes in the charity shop". I couldn't help it - 50p for a pink and black plaid shirt - in my size! I couldn't pass it by now could I? And then...and then the very next day out for a long walk, I passed two charity shops and saw  a green and blue patterned cardigan for a £1.00 in my size. I bought it. It would have been silly to pass by such a good bargain - so I didn't. So, I've spent £1.50 on clothes despite my pledge not to buy any more but on the other hand I will not pass by a bargain. The thing with charity shopping is that if you see something good or a fantastic bargain, buy it, it is highly unlikely to be there the next time you visit!


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