Not Buying it - Day 16

 Day 16

Oops! I've only realised I hadn't posted this one.

I can't believe I'm on the third week of the challenge! Feeling quite proud of myself and so far no problems trying to find outfits.......

 I went to visit my son today so I wore this outfit. I bought this black jacket in Age UK for £7.00 a few months back. It's by David Emmanuel and goes with lots of things I have. It's not warm though but as I was only in and out of the car today, it didn't matter.

 The necklace was a Christmas present from my brother 2 years ago, the earrings are charity shopped and I'm wearing the bangle with the big blue stone I bought last week in the RSPCA charity shop. It matches my lapis lazuli ring so well!

I bought these skinny trousers from the British Red Cross for £1.99.  This picture was taken quite late in the evening and they had begun to bag a bit despite the bit of stretch in them! The top is from the La Redoute sale a few years back; the camisole underneath is charity shopped and the boyfriend cardigan is from Sainsburys, bought about 5 years ago. Boots are daughter's cast off's and currently one of my favourite boots.

I've been reading Books 1 and 2  of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series and it's wonderful. I'm enjoying them so much. There are 2 left to read but I'm going to have get on with reading the three books I got from the library on Monday starting with 'The Glorious Heresies' by Lisa McInerney - I heard her being interviewed on the radio when I was in Donegal last May and have been after the book ever since. I got lucky on Monday as it was sitting on the 'new books' shelf.


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