Wednesday, 30 December 2015

St. Ives and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

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These are the towns we visited today on a charity shop hunt.Image result for images of huntingdon cambs uk
We found 6 charity shops in both places, pretty good for small market towns. I hadn't visited either for about 10 years or more so it was interesting to see the changes and see what was familiar.

Image result for images of st ives cambs  uk

This is the mediaeval bridge in St.Ives

This is the main street in St.Ives where we found 6 charity shops.

This is a statue of Oliver Cromwell at the other end of Market Street.

Oliver Cromwell was born and attended school in Huntingdon and later became the MP for Huntingdon. There is a museum dedicated to him on the site of his old school (below).

Here he is, the old bugger!

Well, that's enough of the scenery - what did we get? 

I got an Ironstone Pitcher Jug. I think it's called a pitcher when it has straight sides but I know the Americans call jugs pitchers. I have a couple of pitcher jugs so this one will compliment them nicely and they make lovely vases, too. It was £4.95 in Scope in Huntingdon. I bought my grandson a top in here for £1.49.

I bought this metal brooch for £2.50 and this knitted dress/tunic for 3.49 in the Sue Ryder Hospice shop.

I'll wear this with a long sleeved top underneath over leggings or jeans or just with tights.

In St.Ives, I bought a bundle of goodies for 99p in the Oxfam shop which included some nutcrackers; (we couldn't find ours this year so it will be really useful), a pair of ice cube tongs, 2 olive forks (!) and a tiny ladle with holes, purpose completely unknown, but I'm not complaining at 99p the lot! In the Barnardo's shop where everything is £1.99 (except the books) I bought a  black, sleeveless, draped top and a book - 'Americanah' by Chiamamanda Ngozi Adichie.

My OH bought Christmas cards, some scented candles, 3 tops and a beautiful dark brown pair of leather shoes, so he was very happy.

Yesterday, I went into town to run a few errands and bought this for £1.99 in the British Red Cross Shop:

I'm hoping not to buy any more clothes now for a good few months. I do not need any more and my wardrobes are full....

I'd like to wish you a wonderful New Year and hope it brings all you want and need. Let's spare a thought for all those less fortunate than ourselves and hope 2016 brings peace to those parts of the world sorely in need of it.

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