Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Day

This is what I wore on Christmas Day. Sorry for the blurry quality of the one above - my OH was not very sober when he took it! I'm also slightly worse for wear but we had a great day with family, plenty to eat and lovely presents.

I was thoroughly spoilt. My partner bought me: perfume, 3 books by Elena Ferrante, 3 bras (badly needed), a M&S voucher which I spent on underwear, 2 CDs and a long wanted yellow cardigan which is still to arrive. My daughter bought me a faux leather moto jacket, perfume, a Persephone book (see here), and a tunic top.  I wore both both today. Youngest grandson bought me some chocolates and a pretty bird house which I'll hang inside because if I put it outside the birds will just crap all over it!  My eldest grandson gave me an Amazon gift card so I've bought 3 more books - the 4th Elena Ferarnte and two more Persephone books My middle grandson bought me a lovely blue waterfall cardigan, some sweets and a picture frame. I got cash from my brothers and spent it on more perfume and some money to splurge when we go rummaging in Huntingdon on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to this as I haven't been to Huntingdon for years....

I'm wearing a Salwar Kameez from the British Red Cross shop where everything is £1.99, leggings from E bay.

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