Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year and all that jazz....

This is the knitted tunic top I bought yesterday in Huntingdon. It's too short to wear as a dress with thick tights so I've worn it over leggings. I can't wait to wear my 'hands' tunic bought last week, but I'm waiting on a belated Christmas present to arrive before I wear it with the tunic.

We're babysitting this New Year Eve so no dressed up photos to show. I don't actually go out much in the evenings and rarely have an occasion to dress up. The last time I did (my brother's birthday meal and eldest brother's gig) I forgot to take photos! I do try to make an effort though even if I'm not leaving the house. No PJ days for me! I think I've had one or two in about ten years.....

So, the tunic was from yesterday's charity shop trip to Huntingdon. The patterned jumper bought in a charity shop a few years ago. The leggings are from Sainsbury's as are the boots. The earrings and necklace are charity shopped and cost 2.50 and £1.00 respectively.

(That's my youngest grandson's t shirt drying on the radiator - I forgot to take it off for the photo)!

The ring I'm wearing is the colour of lapis lazuli  (probably among my most favourite words in the world). I bought it myself ages ago and the bangle, which is enamel on metal, was a present from my ex- mother in law. I had a beautiful cobalt blue one the same but it had a catch fastening and the catch broke. It was my favourite bangle so I'm pretty upset as it isn't repairable.....

You can just see in the bottom right hand corner a magazine on the footstool. I bought half dozen yesterday for a £1.00 - Cosmopolitan/Good Housekeeping etc. I never buy new women's magazines, they're far too expensive, but I enjoy looking at the fashion and make up advice and having a cackle at the outrageous price of most of the clothes featured.

Well, I need to get back to my Southern Comfort and ginger ale, Jools Holland on the TV and get ready to see in the New Year.

Happy New Year mes amis!

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