Wednesday 23 December 2015

Animal Print

I only began to wear animal print in the last few years. Why? I have no idea - it just never previously appealed.  Now, I love it. This animal print cardigan is from Studio Catalogue - yes,really!  And only £4.00. I also have several tops in animal print, a couple of scarves and a pair of earrings. What I really hanker for is an animal print faux fur coat, knee length and an animal print maxi skirt. I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm out charity shopping!

Black skinnies from Primarni, denim tunic from charity shop and brogues from Tesco's current sale at 50% off. I also bought a black leather/black patent pair - a BOGOF if you like - 2 for the price of 1.

This necklace was bought from a charity shop for 2.99 and the earrings are from  Ebay, 99p. My bangle and watch both from charity shop as is the camisole I'm wearing under the denim tunic.

Ooops - I've popped a button here! Luckily, they are popper buttons....

I have bought quite a lot of stuff in the charity shops this week and last week. I am definitely going to reduce my trips in the New Year and limit them to once a fortnight and what I get at the Charity shop where I volunteer. So, here's what I've been buying:

This grey tunic with blue and yellow hands and a bit of blue lace trim. £1.99 at the British Red Cross Shop. All clothing is is currently £1.99 there and they have some really nice things. I haven't tried this on yet but I think it will look good over leggings or jeans or even with a top underneath it and tights...I'll see.

This  knitted  terracotta and navy blue fringed waistcoat is from Top Shop. I love waistcoats. This was £3.99 at the Children's Society.

This burgundy longer length cardigan is from Primarni and again I bought it at the Children's Society, for £2.99. I wore this  yesterday over a navy blue print tee shirt with burgundy leather and material leggings. Forgot to take a picture of that outfit.

A plain white long sleeved t shirt with button detail on sleeves and at the back of the neck from M & S. I like the longer length as I don't want any camel toe showing - thank you very much! I rescued this from the ragbag and got it for a £1.00.

Short sleeved longer length black and white striped tee shirt - same reason as above! Sorry for the blurry photo!

Tan and brown leather handbag £2.75 in the Keech Hospice shop. It has cut outs of little flying birds and it's real leather.

My bling haul! I can't resist a bit of costume jewellery. The three brooches on the right were 50 p each from the Willen Hospice Shop in Newport Pagnell. We went there last Friday as OH had started his Xmas hols and it's only about 8/9 miles from Bedford .The top brooch is a Cloisonne brooch, the middle one is made of tiny beads and the one that's almost cut out of the photo is painted metal and looks very Art Deco, I think. The gold and blue beaded brooch and the little ceramic flower brooch were £1.00 and £1.50 each from Save the Children. The earrings to the left were 99p from Age UK and the glass polo mints were from the Willen Hospice Shop in Newport Pagnell and were also 50p.

I bought these today for £2.50. Real leather boots,  (Enzo Angiolini anyone? No, nor me either); a cross between a grey and brown - taupe, maybe? I've polished them and will be giving them an airing quite soon! I bought them from the Re Use Centre which deals mainly in furniture and household items but has some clothes and footwear. I got lucky today. I also bought today but haven't pictured as they are in the wash; a pair of olive green skinnies and a grey knitted tunic, both £1.99 from the British Red Cross shop.

I don't think I'll be posting again until after Christmas now, so I hope you all have a peaceful and wonderful Christmas or just a bloody good rest from work! Merry Christmas everyone!

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