Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday walking

I belong to the Ramblers UK. It's a national walking organisation and I walk with 2 of our local groups - Ivel Valley Walkers and sometimes I walk with the North Beds Ramblers who walk on Saturdays. If you're not familiar with the Ramblers you can find out more about them here Ramblers UK and find your local group. Once you join you can walk with any group. For example,  if I went to stay with my best friend in Devon and wanted to go walking I could link up with a local Ramblers group and walk with them. It's proper walking; waterproof gear, walking boots, maps and rucksacks. Everyone is very friendly and there's nothing nicer than getting out in the fresh air and seeing some of our lovely countryside. I highly recommend it.

I try to walk twice a week, usually on Wednesdays when the walks tend to be between 6 - 8 miles; sometimes on Thursdays when its called an 'amble' and is about 4.5 to 6 miles; or sometimes on Fridays which are bus walks and can be between 6 - 8 miles. The walks cover quite a wide area and if they're further than 20 miles away I don't usually go.  I do go out walking by myself and having recently completed a map reading course I like to take the map and find a route. Last Wednesday, I walked by myself for almost 4 hours; I didn't turn my walking app on (grrr!) but reckoned I did about 8 miles in total. My body certainly felt it as if it had.

Today's walk was 32 miles away so I didn't go.  However, I did go into town and looked at 2 charity shops amongst doing other things and walked almost 5 miles in total! I am going on the bus walk this Friday and my OH and I are going rummaging in Wellingborough on Saturday and will probably get a few miles in.

I'm afraid I did it again on my trip to town and bought more clothes...a Debenham's label  jacket for walking  for £2.00; a Missoni type long cardigan for £2.00, a knee length black velvet dress for £8.00 (I'm going to wear it on Christmas day), a brooch for £1.00, 3 books for £1.30 and a big pile of wool for £3.70. I've got to stop with the wool; I've run out of space to store it! I'll post pictures of the cardigan and dress when I wear them.

Today I was in neutrals mode; I wore brown leggings ( from M&S - retirement gift voucher), brown and grey tunic (charity shop), grey lightweight jacket (US on line retailer Sheinside), brownish animal print scarf (charity shop) and brown earrings (charity shop). I wore my long brown boots (Sainsburys) and also tried the outfit on with brown suede ankle boots (Christmas present from my OH) but the heel was too high for trekking around town for hours.

Long brown boots

With short brown boots
Do you like my curtains? They're from Laura Ashley and retail for £110.00 - I bought them in my local Marie Curie shop for £20.00........

I'm off to the hairdressers tomorrow - can't wait!

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