Thursday's finds

I went to a small town called Ampthill on Thursday to check out the charity shops. There used to be only 3 but I was delighted to see another one has opened since I last visited. I often get in the car and visit a nearby town to trawl the charity shops and usually visit places  within a radius of 20 miles. If we ever visit any other places farther away we always try and trawl the charity shops - luckily my OH loves charity shops too!

What did I get?

A brand new cashmere jumper from Tesco originally priced at 35.00 but priced at 6.99 in Age Concern (I rarely pay this much for charity shop finds but it is cashmere).

Three items for a £1.00, a multicoloured bracelet, silver brooch and another useful plastic container in the RSPCA shop. I haven;t bothered to take a photo of it because frankly it's boring!

A ball of wool for 50p from Mercy in Action - I always look for wool in charity shops. It's often quite cheap and have you seen the price of wool lately? When I took up crocheting again after a break of 35 years, I couldn't believe it! Again I haven't bothered with a photograph - you know what a ball of wool look likes don't you? I do have an addiction to wool and it's partly the reason why I keep crocheting throws - to get rid of the wool! Then I buy more and have to crochet a throw and on it goes. I will do a post at some point about my wool stash and show how it is taking over my study......

Three books for a £1.00 in the RSPCA,  you could get up to 8 but I only chose 3; one on London in WW2, a novel and one on allotments - we're just about to get an allotment, more on that later! I have, and always have had, an addiction to books. I love the look, feel and smell of them and love to be surrounded by books. I have books in every room of my house, except the bathroom. One day when I am old and immobile, I won't have to worry about not having anything to read; I've got my own ready made library at home.

An M&S asymmetric tunic 3.99  from Dr. Barnardo's - I'll wear it with a long sleeved top underneath or it could be worn with a long cardigan, I'll wear it over jeans or leggings.

2 berets from the same shop £.199 each - we're in for a cold winter this year so I'm getting prepared!

You can see that I've already broken my vow not to buy any more clothes........


  1. You've done well! I haven't seen a beret in a charity shop for ages, they're like hen's teeth.
    I know nothing about wool but Poundland have a decent range, I bought a few balls (think it was 3 for £) last winter when i was making pom poms. xx

  2. Lovely post today. I came back to knitting after a while away and chose a pattern in a wool shop. The helpful assistant pointed me in the direction of the appropriate yarn and off I went, chose the colour and went to the till. Heck the whole lot came in at about £60!!! I felt I couldn't back down as I'd chatted about how keen I was to have a winter project, blah, blah, blah. Oh how I wish I'd known about blogging then - what a lot of money I could have saved!
    The books are another hoarding subject for me too, with exactly the same logic hahaha x
    Anna's Island Style


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