I'm off on my hollyers!

This what I wore on Saturday. I went to visit my son and then we went out for birthday dinner with my brothers and OH (can you see him in the mirror)? We had a lovely evening and the food was really good.

 We ate at a pub called 'The Hare' in Loddington, Northants. My mum had her 70th birthday party here. It's strange to think that I'm now only 8 years away from 70. I definitely think that once you've reached 70 you're old!

Everything is charity shopped except the sandals which are from the Tesco outlet store. This is the only cotton maxi dress I have. I'd like more so I'll keep looking...

Shame about the bra strap! 
Twisted pearl necklace, charity shopped, earrings from Sainsburys. All bangles charity shopped.

On Sunday, my bird table collapsed; the wood had rotted at the bottom. I went out and bought a new one and you can see it here to the right of me. I just hope the birds like it and use it as much as the old one. I'd just begun to attract Goldfinches on the old bird table so I don't want to lose them. 

The pottery bowl on the floor was originally a large pot made by mum's best friend's eldest son when he was 14  - and he's 60 next year! The cold made the top half of the pot crack and fall off, but the base makes a perfect bird bath!

All items charity shopped.

Earrings 50p at the Independent charity shop  in town. Necklace present from my lovely neighbour.

I bought this hat in the British Red Cross shop on Thursday morning and it's coming to Spain with me along with a similar white lacy one.

Yes, we're off on Thursday to Comares in Spain.  Me, my daughter and the two youngest grandsons. I'm there for a week, back home for 2 days, then off to Ireland until the school's start back in early September. Lucky me!

As you can see I'm still playing about with th selfie stick!
Tuesday's outfit. Everything charity shopped except the shirt which I bought in an on line sale
last year.

The top is the tie-dyed Lipsy one I got on the £1.00 rail when I was in Ampthill last week.

Earrings from Sainsburys and necklace charity shopped at the Keech Hospice shop for £1.00. I also bought a yellow one in here as well.

On Wednesday I finally got round to hanging my Charles Rennie MacIntosh type mirror, which is why the old one is in the hall waiting to be re homed somewhere.

This is Ben Bulben mountain and Cassiebawn Castle, home of the Mountbatten family, in Co.Sligo, Ireland. I have one cousin who lives at the foot of Ben Bulben and another who lives at the foot of the hill where the castle sits. I'm so looking forward to seeing them all.

There's a very poor internet connection at the mobile home park where I stay in Ireland, so I won't be blogging but I will try and keep up to date with all your blogs and posts, whenever I can find some WiFi. I shall miss you!

I hope you all have a lovely summer.


  1. Wow, a trip to Spain, how fabulous! I love your wonderful maxi dress, and you find the most amazing stuff in your charity shops, Veronica! Have a great time on your holidays!

  2. Sounds like you have a brilliant time ahead of you Veronica. You're looking fab in all of these outfits and I do love your twisted pearl necklace which I'm sure will be coming on holiday with you. Have a wonderful time. I'll miss your regular visits to my blog and hope that you find lots of goodies to show us on your return x

  3. Good to see OH there in the background and glad he hasn't been made completely redundant now you're the proud owner of a selfie stick!
    That cotton maxi is great on you. I've noticed the modern ones are mostly jersey (I bought a second hand one a few years ago and ended up leaving it in Goa, it was far too hot!)
    The orange necklace and smart trilby are fab on you, but what isn't?
    Love the new bird feeder and that you've still got that pot your Mum's friend made. What a nice memory.
    Have a fantastic holiday and look forward to reading your blog upon your return. xxx

  4. Have a wonderful time on your holidays, I can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return.

  5. Enjoy your holidays, and I'll look forward to hearing about it when you are back.

    A purple maxi dress is a most excellent find.

  6. Oh, Ireland looks heavenly. And Spain is always wonderful.

    If you're eight years off 70 you're only 62 and that is not old. :-D

  7. What fabulous outfits. I love that blue maxi, you look very glam. 62 is definitely not old, age is really just a number. Have a brilliant time on your holidays. Spain and Ireland sounds fab. I love the look of where you are going in Ireland. Xx

  8. Hahaha, I loved seeing OH in the background. Unsung blogging heros and all that. So many lovely outfits. Charity shops are the best. And the birds know a good place when they see it - they'll be back.
    So there are adventures aplenty in store for you. I hope you have a fantastic time in Spain and Ireland. That last photos is the stuff of fairytales.

  9. I just love those outfits you're wearing and it's a wake-up call for me to put more photos on my blog. Yours are really good :)

    But one thing you said about you're definitely be old once you're 70 - well, I'm 70 and maybe when I wake up I'm getting a tiny bit stiffer in the joints, but seriously I don't FEEL old. Also I take the Helen Mirren stance that once you're 70 you say ".... off" more often. Because once you're 70 - you have attitude. Personally I think age is all in the head. Keep that attitude for life you have and you'll be fine!!! Have a lovely holiday x

  10. Hi again! Just to say I've put you on my page of Blogs I Love http://frugalfashionshopper.co.uk/blogs-i-love/
    I love your posts. And thank you for putting my blog up there on your side-bar. Thanks so much x

  11. Woohoo! Shout out to OH who has been doing stirling work on this blog for some months now. Nice to see him! You look beautifully shapely in your purple dress for the birthday meal. You also look lovely in the mirror selfie - gorgeous! Enjoy Ireland, I hope you get some lovely days. Wouldn't it be lovely to swim in the Atlantic?! Xxxx

  12. Your floral pants are SO lovely.


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