Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Supplementing my pension.....

Friday was a horrible day here. It was cloudy and grey and the wind was cold. I went for a short walk around Bedford and did 4.5 miles. It was not field walking weather at all.

This is Friday's outfit. Skinny jeans, Primarni. Floral pumps, Primarni. Top, bracelet and watch charity shopped. Necklace belonged to my mum. Earrings, Sainsburys.

This cardigan was needed for warmth! I bought it last week in Rushden at the Salvation Army charity shop for £4.00, brand new with tags. It's from Next.

On Saturday I went to see my son.

My perfect navy trousers; £3.50 in Cancer Research. Navy top ; Store 21 sale, shoes Oxfam and the piece de resistance; the green jacket 99p from a charity shop in Taunton last weekend. Beads, earrings and bangles charity shopped.

I went to a car boot sale on Sunday morning. I bought two tops, a brooch, some spotty drinking glasses and some notelets. I thought I had got there late but in fact I was too early! There were only 3 stalls up and 2 more were being unloaded. I didn't hang around  - I had a busy day ahead.

On Monday I was at the charity shop volunteering in the morning, did the school run and then at 6 pm I was invigilating at an exam at the university where I used to work. This is what I wore on Monday.  By the time of this photo I had removed my rings and bangles as my fingers and hands tend to swell up by the evening. My wrists and arms are rarely empty.

Doing little bits of paid work helps supplement my occupational pension.  I don't get my state pension until I'm 65 and six months, which is more than three and a bit years to go, so 'every little helps' - as the advert says! It's especially useful when holidays are coming up.

 Since I retired I've worked as an evening carer for 6 months; going from one client to another in their own homes. I loved it, but it was poorly paid as travel time was not remunerated.

Last year I worked for the local council opening and processing postal votes  - we had 5 elections in all - in April and May; poll clerked on voting day and then invigilated  later in May. I'm also an invigilator for the Open University but so far they have not required my services....

Black skinny jeans; Lidl. Kimono, shoes, top, earrings and necklace; charity shopped. The shoes were a £1.00 find last year in the 3:16 shop and the blue top was also £1.00 from Save the Children.

I'm waiting to hear back from the Council about postal votes opening for the  EU Referendum in June. If they do want me then that's a little bit more money earned...

Fingers crossed!

I'm linking up with Patti's 'Visible Monday' here and Anne's '52 Pick Me Up' here with my beige cardigan.

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