I'm on a bit of a Monica Dickens (great grand daughter of Charles Dickens) reading mission at the moment. I read 'One Pair of Hands' at school and followed it with 'One Pair of Feet'.  I read 'The Listeners' some time ago (I picked it up in a charity shop) then I got 'Mariana' as a Persephone book present  last year and then another one; 'Winds of Heaven' for Christmas this year.

This isn't my Persephone edition, of course, bur the original Penguin edition!

 I checked to see what the library had of Monica Dickens books
 and requested 2 which I've not long finished reading, I requested some more and I've just picked up 6 reservations; all from the stacks.

 I'm a bit obsessive about authors I like; I try to read their entire back list, if I can. 

Fabulous vintage cover!
I'm helped in these endeavours by my public library and thank God we still have ours. It's a wonderful resource. Today, whilst picking up my books, I saw a youngish man doing a very large jigsaw; a young woman, her friend and a small child doing a craft project, people reading the papers, using the photocopier and choosing books, DVDs and CDs. (Apparently, they do digital downloads of both books and music too - which I must check out). Upstairs in the library, people were using the computers; the reference section and the local history section. When I was doing my degree as mature student back in the 1980s; the local history section was a godsend. They also have a 'Knit and Natter' group on a Wednesday afternoon; public talks and lectures throughout the year and toddler/baby activities, too.

Let's hear it for our public libraries and let us cherish and preserve them!

I'm a bit obsessive on the whole, really. If I like something I want lots of it or to engage in it a lot - walking, charity shopping to give just two examples. Perhaps I'm just greedy?

 I like loafers so I have to have pairs in lots of different colours; I like to crochet so I have collected wool  in every colour while I'm out charity shopping.  I've stopped now because I have run out of storage for wool, but I was tempted by some purple wool yesterday. I like earrings, so I have earrings in all colours and shapes and have a collection of more than 300! I like bangles and have them in all colours...still seeking the elusive yellow ones, though!

Image result for loafer images

I like books and keep buying them, even though storage space for books is almost all gone and I could never read all the books I have - even if I started tomorrow and read everyday until I die! Still, I'll never be short of something to read will I; especially if I get to the point of not being able to make it to the library. Really, I should stop getting books from my library and just read through my shelves at home. That was my plan originally but I keep reading book reviews and then I go to the library to track them down and so it goes on. And on...

At least my obsessions are harmless and I can accommodate them in my home - I've not had to resort to piling stuff in the hallway and on the stairs and in every room until it's inaccessible like some real life hoarders do!

Today's (Tuesday) weather was a bit of a shock - rain - after 6 days of sunshine!

Earrings charity shopped; ,as is the blue and green top bought last year as the summer ended, for 99p.

When I started out this morning, these green Laura Ashley trousers (charity shopped) were crisply ironed. When I went into town for a bit of a rummage - I was seeking navy blue, Capri or 7/8 trousers; I stepped on a loose pavement and ended up with a very wet foot and soaked trouser bottoms!

 The blue cuff was 20p from the Salvation Army in Rushden last week. Blue loafers bought two years ago in an on line sale. I did find the perfect pair of navy blue trousers today - hurrah!! I also bought a lovely blue striped duvet set to replace the one I've just given my eldest grandson.

After almost 8 months he's finally found a room in London near his university. As he works in a restaurant in Sloane Square as well, he frequently  travels back to Bedford late and because I live close to the station, he's been staying with me  a lot of the time. I shall miss him but he'll be back for Sunday dinners!

I did the winter to summer clothes changeover this week. What a pain in the arse it is! Anyway,  it's done  now and as is often the case in my case - the weather changes. Here's what I wore on Wednesday. I walked 6.5 miles on my own and got caught in the rain and got soaked!

I still haven't painted my toenails....
Loose trousers charity shopped, top donated to me by my daughter, sandals charity shopped.

I bought this watch in the 3:16 charity shop. I like the big numbers on it.

Earrings and necklace charity shopped. The necklace was a bit itchy so I won't be wearing it much I don't think.

This is Thursday's outfit. We walked in a village called Old Warden only 4.5 miles but what a beautiful day it was.

Loose trousers from Bedford Market - a fiver, I think, last summer.

Top, loafers, earrings and watch - all charity shopped. I think I've caught the sun on my meanderings. At least I've remembered to put the sunscreen on!

How's your week going?


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