Thursday, 28 April 2016

This week's finds...

I've had a good week's rummaging this week...I'm trying to focus my charity shopping to add to my summer wardrobe and buy things for our week in Spain in July. On Monday I bought brand new with tags, navy blue, cotton trousers at Save the Children where I volunteer. I also got two summer t shirts for middle grandson.

On my way home I went into the British Red Cross shop and bought a pair of leather gloves for £1.00.  These won't be for Spain of course, but for next winter. I always buy leather gloves if I see them for sale at bargain prices. They also had a lovely fur coat in for £8.99; which I tried on, but it didn't fit me! I've been after a nice fur coat for ages now, but I shall just have to keep on looking...

I wore this on Tuesday. Black skinny jeans from Lidl, loafers from local shoe shop last year. This is my only concession to Spring so far; no boots or socks, but I've still got my camisole/vest on underneath my top!
On Tuesday I went into town to check out a couple of the charity shops. Marie Curie has been closed every time I passed it over the past couple of weeks and Age UK was being refurbished. We have a new charity shop opening up on 29th April, Friday, called the 'Wood Green Animal Shelter,' so I'll make sure I visit it on my way back from the hairdressers. I didn't get anything in Marie Curie - it was open though and they've had a change around with more books than before. Age UK is refurbished but empty. I don't know if it will reopen or not. Fingers crossed it does because I like it.

Necklace charity shopped in Donegal and earrings bought last week in the Willen Hospice shop in Newport Pagnell.

So what did I get?

 I bought buff coloured cotton skinny trousers for £3.49; a red, black, white and camel coloured, short sleeved, summer top £2.99; and a white short sleeved long top; £1.99 in the Salvation Army; plus a rather fab pair of green earrings for £1.99. I bought a blue sleeveless top in Oxfam for £2.50, and a black chunky necklace for 99p. Finally, I called in at the 3:16 shop where all clothes are £1.00 at the moment. I bought a Next wrap dress in black, a grey speckled tunic and a warm black long cardigan. The dress and cardigan will be packed away for next Autumn/Winter, but I can wear the speckled top with white or black skinny jeans or over a range of leggings in the summer. I bought the middle grandson a new dressing gown here as well and a new make up bag for 50p!  I also bought a brown fedora for £2.00. My hat collection is growing! I have 6 hats and 3 berets in total,

Top, charity shopped in Donegal, and kimono Christmas present from daughter 2 years ago. Bangles charity shopped.

This top has long sleeves not short - hurrah!
This is the black necklace and green earrings I bought but I'd completely forgotten about the orange, pear shaped earrings which I bought in the Cancer Research shop for 99p!

Postscript - the navy blue cotton trousers are too small despite being my size! I couldn't get them past my knees! I'll have to return them on Monday and see what else I could have in exchange....

As I've said before I always try  to get rid of things as I bring home 'new'. Into the bag for the charity shop this week,  I put - 2 pairs of camel/buff/beige coloured cotton trousers that I bought in a La Redoute sale about 6 years ago. There's nothing wrong with them except they are not high rise and I have vowed never to wear low rise trousers again - no good for my fat belly!! I also put in two boyfriend cardigans; I grey and 1 black; 4 or 5 vests; I pair of trackie bottoms (sweat pants) I haven't worn for over a year;  and a couple of tops I no longer liked. By doing this every time (almost every time!) I just about manage to store all my clothes. If I didn't give stuff away and held on to everything, I'd have to climb over piles of clothing as I come in through the front door!

 I'm very pleased with all my bargains but that's it for the week now.  I'll just visit the new one on Friday and I won't go rummaging after walking on Wednesday but come straight home - so I'm not tempted...

Here's a closer look at the earrings on. I tried for 10 minutes to do a selfie of the earrings but I just couldn't - I don't know how Goody manages....

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