Thursday 10 March 2016

Birthday week

This was me on my birthday on Wednesday - just about to cut my cake!

Skirt charity shopped in Donegal last year. Top £1.00 rail at Keech Hospice worn over a floral top charity shopped about 5 years ago. Earrings, beads and bangles all charity shopped. Although you can't see them, I wore grey ankle boots charity shopped a couple of weeks ago.

I had a lovely birthday. 62 years old and I still feel 18 inside! That's the weird thing about getting older; your body changes and ages, but inside you're the same person you always were. I wonder if I'll feel the same in my 70s and my 80s - should I live that long. If I'm still blogging I'll let you know!

I got some lovely presents. Some walking poles and some tan over the knee boots from my daughter. I've had a hankering for OTK boots for a while but all the ones I saw had high heels. Unfortunately, these were a little too porn movie for me; then the lovely Anna of 'Anna's Island Style' suggested flat, OTK boots. Brilliant! No more porn star look.....

 My OH bought me two Persephone books here from my wish list;  a floating book shelf which I want for my bedroom, so I can keep what I want to read to hand. There are some other things he bought me but they haven't arrived yet and I don't know what they are - ooh the suspense!

No, it's not my house! I wish it was. It's unusual because it's a clapboard house with a thatched roof. Thatched houses in this part of the world anyway, are usually made of stone or brick. I thought it was unusual so I took a picture.

I went walking today in Ravensden;  another village in Bedford. I walked 5 miles, heard and saw skylarks and various other birds. The air was filled with birdsong AND the sun came out - briefly!

This pump may have been the original village pump - it was outside the thatched cottage on the roadside; I thought the mini daffodils and crocuses around it were lovely.

When I used to go on holiday to Ireland as a child, in the 1960s; at the end of my maternal grandmother's road was a pump like this. People used it daily as several houses didn't have mains water.

This house (one of two) was across the road from the thatched cottage. It has a date plaque under the window gable which says W and the date 1800. At first I thought the W was for William IV, but his reign started in 1830. It is more than likely the name of a local landowner of the time and this was probably one of his worker's cottages.

I bought this top at Save the Children last week. I love the pattern but I'm not keeping it. I look pregnant in it according to my OH!  It's not a flattering shape if you have big boobs!  I knew it wasn't really right for me but I liked the pattern, the colours and the fact it has velvet trim on the sleeves and bodice.  A case of heart rather than head. Oh well, in the charity shop bag it goes. Jeans M&S, charity shopped, boots Tesco outlet, 2014.

I wore this knitted waistcoat over it for warmth; charity shopped last year.  And, because I'm old fashioned in many ways I have a vest/camisole underneath for even more warmth! Necklace and earrings charity shopped.

I mentioned the 1960s earlier in this post. I've not long finished 'Exposure' by Helen Simpson which is set in the 1960s, and concerns an ordinary family (is there any such thing?) who get involved, unwittingly, in an international espionage incident. It was such gripping reading I forgot to breathe in places; then I watched 'Happy Valley' and  forgot to breathe in that as well. All this not breathing is not good for a 62 year old you know....

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