Not Buying it - Days 14 and 15

I know it might be appear a bit odd to entitle a post 'Not buying it' and then start with photos of of recent purchases, but bear with me. 

I always try to shop second hand. I have been looking for a pair of lamps for the tables on either side of our sofa for ages, so last Saturday I visited the British Heart Foundation furniture charity shop in town. I found these two matching lamps for £10.00 each.


They are nice - don't you think? And what's more they are touch lamps, so you can go from dim, to bright, to extra bright with three small taps. Very clever. Can you guess which table is mine? Yes, it's the one with all the books on it. My TBRs (to be read) and the ones I dip in and out of such as the Quran, the Irish dictionary and the book of Irish slang.

Whilst I was in the same shop I also spotted this trio of pictures (£10.00) and as I was looking to fill a gap in my wall of pictures, these fitted perfectly. Very pleased with my purchases I was, and still am! No clothes, but goodies for the house instead. I did buy quite a few bangles that day as well.....

Day 14

I was going out in the early evening for a meal one of my two best friends, so I wore this. The leggings and the boots are from Sainsburys. The tunic was a Christmas present this year from lovely daughter and is from Next.

The chain, with what are wings I think, was bought in the Heart Foundation charity shop for £1.99. The earrings have a Celtic design and were bought many years ago for me by my ex mother in law. The green bangles are all charity shopped from a variety of shops.

 My lovely daughter also bought me this moto jacket - I have wanted one for a while now, so put it on my Christmas list and hey presto, daughter bought it for me. I know how lucky I am! The scarf was a Christmas present from the same best friend with whom I was going out for a meal.  Handbag charity shopped £2.75.

Because it was so cold today indoors I wore this brown fur gilet which I've had for about 4 years and bought from a charity shop for £3.99

Day 15

I'm wearing the plaid 
shirt I bought for 50p and  broke my pledge to Not Buy it! The pink cardigan is charity shopped. The skinnies are from Primarni and the boots another pair from the Tesco outlet shop and were £8.00.  I started out with black suede heeled ankle boots but it was too slippery underfoot and I needed something safer! I'm wearing pink bangles bought recently from charity shops - and I bought the pink earrings from one of those shops that sell everything but the kitchen sink!


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