Saturday 12 December 2015

Colourful Saturday

It was such a cold, wet, miserable day I had to dress to combat it. Dress/tunic is an old faithful; mainly grey but with yellow, blue, purple and a bit of orange in it, charity shopped about two years ago and I think it was a fiver. The cardigan, which looks a bit grey in this picture is a lovely sea foam colour and I picked it up at the Save the Children charity shop. Teal tights from my Wellingborough excursion a few weeks ago and were 99p. Cranberry coloured boots, Tesco Outlet shop £4.00.

The dress/tunic has pockets!! Bring on the pockets! Why are there so few pockets in women's clothes? Pockets that are usable?  A conspiracy by the handbag manufacturers according to my OH!

You can just about see my lovely little teal brooch with a swan  on it - 99p in my local Christian charity shop.

You can just see my yellow drop earrings - charity shopped too some time ago now but no more than £1.00.

I have gone totally mad this week and bought loads of clothes. I need to put the brakes on now but here's a summary and I'll post some pictures in later posts:

1) Cardigan above - charity shopped £2.00.
2) Clark's brown leather handbag £2.50.
3) Indian style long tunic in purple   (charity shopped £1.99) - I'm probably going to wear it on Christmas Day with leggings, as I already wore my black velvet dress when I went out for a birthday meal a few weeks ago.
4) A yellow draped top and a purple draped top, both with short sleeves unfortunately, but on the £1.00 rail so therefore irresistible!
5) A cream and navy striped long sleeve top -  charity shopped £2.99.
6) A navy and black tunic £3.99 - I thought it was an interesting colour combo and I have slim line trousers with the same colour.
7) A maroon patterned cardigan - £3.50.
8) An orangey/white/navy wool type waistcoat with fringing £3.99
9) Red skinny jeans £2.99
10) And then because I wanted some coloured leggings to go with my Indian style tunic I bought 3 pairs (purple, plum and red) on line for 14.00 including pp.

All in all I've spent 40.00 on clothes this week.  Bloody, fecking Nora!  That might be a record for me.Well, I won't be doing it next week I can tell you! I got paid this week so that's my excuse - I love pension day!! And it's nearly Christmas...


  1. Beautiful outfit. I love the colour of your boots and that seafoam colour is fabulous. What a great haul for 40 quid. You can't get a decent blouse in M&S for that. :) Xx

  2. A gorgeous outfit, lovely colours and yes, as a woman not really into handbags I really appreciate a decent pocket!
    £40 for all that? Brilliant! Aren't people who buy new clothes silly? xxx


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