Friday, 4 December 2015

£1.00 bargains and other stuff

I cannot resist clothes that have spots. I have this  black spotted top plus several others, 3 spotted shirts, a pair of  spotted palazzo pants and I've recently got rid of a spotted jacket that too was too tight. This top was one of the £1.00 items I bought last Saturday in Wellingborough, along with this black maxi skirt for a £1.00 and my red brothel creepers for £4.00.

I bought the waistcoat last Monday in Save the Children for £3.00. I started volunteering there on Monday mornings and last week was my third week.

Everything I'm wearing including my watch and bracelet are from charity shops.  The little rose pin I bought in the Christian charity shop for 5p earlier today and liked it so much I put it on straight away. The earrings are from Sainsbury's and bought when 50% off. Cheap, moi? Never!

It is clear to see that I have abandoned my no buying clothes until 2016 vow.....


  1. Spotty things always fly off our rails, people love them!
    Great pieces, they look wonderful together.
    No shopping till 2016? Thank goodness you abandoned that challenge. It would be a crime to leave such bargains behind. xxx

  2. Love this outfit! Oh yes, I have a weakness for dotted clothes too. The fact that everything here is thrifted makes them even more delightful. Yes, goodbye to THAT challenge. Heh.


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