Monday, 30 November 2015

Red and Turquoise!

Saturday was grey, damp. miserable and very cold. So, I decided to wear bright colours to dispel the wintry gloom. Red and turquoise are a lovely combination and the colours make me feel happy. Here I am wearing my red and turquoise Missoni type cardigan I got last week for £2.00 in a local Christian charity shop. My skinny jeans are from Primarni; the red camisole is from a charity shop, the red cross over top is from La Redoute in their sale earlier this year, red boots on line retailer, watch,  turquoise
necklace and bangle (which you can't see in this picture) all from charity shops.

These are the earrings I treated my self to when we went to Bath for my 50th birthday. I can't believe that was almost 12 years ago. I love this necklace - I think I paid 99p for it last year.

Don't look too closely - I've got lipstick on my teeth!
You can see the bangle in this one.

We went for a rummage around the charity shops in Wellingborough today and had a great time although it was icily cold. We visited 9 in total. I bought a red pair of, what I call, brothel creepers (the Americans call them beetle crushers - which is more polite!), these ones don't have such a thick sole as my black pair but they are such comfortable shoes. I've always wanted a pair  of brothel creepers and now I have two! These red ones cost £4.00 in an independent charity shop.

I bought this plate, cup and saucer for £1.00 in there too and these 2 sundae dishes/glasses in Extra Care for 79p each. One for each grandson - the two younger ones (10 and 5) have their own mugs and plates and now they'll have their own juice glass too!

I bough:t 3 tops (I long sleeved with black and white spots; I navy long sleeved top with puffed shoulders. and a blue short sleeved one with a design on the front) for a £1.00 each in Scope -  and a black maxi skirt for £1.00 as well.  I stuck to my £1.00 rule here but they weren't on the £1.00 rail but marked down for 'Black Friday'.  I bought 4 coffee glasses for my daughter in law for 1.99 and a pair of teal coloured tights for 99p in Extra Care. I also bought a book (a novel) but no wool!  I seem to keep buying books by authors with surnames starting with H and my H shelf is overflowing. Yes, I am so anally retentive I store my books, well the fiction, alphabetically!

My OH bought a jumper, a pair of work trousers, several books, a pair of gaiters (to protect trousers when walking) and a very useful packet of plastic bag clips. We did very well and treated ourselves to tea and cake - it also helped warm us up. Next time we might try Huntingdon (John Major's old constituency) - we haven't been there for years.

I'm going to head out now to link with Patti's Visible Monday at 'Not Dead Yet Style' here It's my first time and I'm feeling a little nervous....wish me luck!


  1. Welcome to Vis Monday, Veronica! It's a pleasure to have you take part. And your outfit is lovely, esp that fabulous cardigan. Please come and visit again,


  2. What a fantastic outfit, you look such a glamourpuss! xxx

  3. Welcome first timer! Digging the thrifted creepers.

    Popped by from Visible Monday.

    Come join my Countdown to Christmas blog hop!

  4. Thank you Tami - I will most certainly check out your blog!

  5. Just a quickie today to say that I can't believe your age - you look so young and fresh. Love those creepers - I have a black pair too x
    Anna's Island Style


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