Earrings - don't you just love them? I think they can make an outfit.

I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 16 - my mum wouldn't let me! Once I did, I began a love affair with earrings that continues to this day. I have hundreds of earrings ( about 400 and counting) and some of them are more than 25 years old. I display most of them on this metal grid and I sort them into colours so I can find what I'm looking for. I like dangly earrings best and source them from charity shops. car boot sales, chain stores, market stalls, e bay and some are gifts. Whenever I visit somewhere new I try to buy a pair of earrings as a memento.

I bought myself this in the sale at Debenham's in January (£5.00) and I display my most dressiest earrings here. I love the little blue birds on the tree. I have a few dressy earrings that have post backs and they live in this silver box I found at a car boot sale.

I also have dangly earrings that have post backs and are difficult to display, so they live in this box (a Secret Santa gift from my working days). I also store my real silver earrings in a different compartment in the same box. As an extra precaution against tarnishing I keep the individual pairs in mini plastic bags. I hate cleaning silver, so this minimises the need for it.

Finally, stud earrings with post backs are stored on this clever contraption but I'm running out of space...luckily I don't wear studs very often!

Every so often I have a cull and get rid of some earrings which frees up space to buy more. Below are some of my favourite earrings and why......

A present from my brother , Mark, who brought them back from Spain

99p from E bay!

Charity shop recent purchase

Christmas present from my partner some years ago

Another charity shop find but lost one

Present from Grandson from Lanzarotte
Present from best friend over 25 years ago
Present from my daughter 
Bought these in Bath where we had gone for the weekend of my 50th birthday. They were £30.00 but I had birthday money to spend!


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