Monday 24 October 2022


Hello and apologies. Blogger managed to delete my most recent post which I was just about to publish! Tomorrow I'm off to London with the middle and youngest grandsons (it's half-term here this week) and wouldn't have been around to publish as usual on Tuesday. I don't know how it happened; one minute I had almost two weeks worth of entries and photos and the next minute I just had the last two letters of a word I'd just typed in! I am spitting feathers and just don't have the heart to re-write it all. There are times when I hate Blogger...



  1. Oh, I hear ya, Vronni. Anyway, don't worry about it, and enjoy the time with the grandkids! Sending you good vibes! Let it go!

  2. Oh dear! I has happened to me too once, although it was my mistake and not Blogger's. It's true though that Blogger has been acting weirdly, though. I can fully imagine you're spitting feathers!
    Don't take it to heart and have a great time in London with your grandsons! xxx

  3. Aaaugh! That's got to be so annoying. I hope you had fun with your grandsons.


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