Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Halt term break, Whitby and project completed

I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I had to take the youngest grandson for a hospital appointment to Cambridge in the afternoon so managed to get a quick swim in before; 22 laps. I wore this green corduroy skirt by H&M; 1.00 rail somewhere, a white Gap shirt also 1.00 rail and this cheerful yellow jumper by Mc&Co which I picked up from Barnardo's in Ampthill. 1.00 rail. Green boots by River Island from my Barnardo's.

Had a much needed haircut on Thursday and got my eyebrows done. I also did the food shopping and worked on the Hydrangea blanket. It's almost done...

It was 7 degrees on Thursday morning; quite chilly! The camera is still not taking its usual photos; I just don't know why..

Lace effect leggings M&S retail and boots; both presents from my daughter, tunic; 1.00 rail and Gap shirt underneath; as above. All jewellery charity shopped. I'd planned to go out for a walk after I'd done everything I wanted to do; but it rained and I don't enjoy walking in the rain. I thought there was a bus walk on Friday but I'd got my dates muddled up so I did my own bus walk instead. I caught the bus to Milton Ernest and walked back to Bedford - 7 miles.  The bus stop is at the bottom of my street and I just have to swipe my bus pass! I am really enjoying being an official pensioner and plan to spend a day in Oxford soon catching the (free) bus there and back! This was Friday's outfit:

Everything charity shopped. Phase Eight top, M&S skirt; boots have no label. I remember buying these tights in the Cat's Protection charity shop ages ago; they are a German brand and were 3.99.

All jewellery charity shopped. I bought the earrings - and several other pairs - in one of the Hospice shops when I was at the hairdresser's on Thursday. It's the only time I get to this charity shop and I nearly always find something.

Another pensioner perk is free flu jabs. I took advantage of this when I was in Ampthill on Tuesday and had my first ever flu jab. I had flu on two consecutive years in the early 1990s and it wiped me out both times. If I can avoid ever having to suffer that again, I will.

Saturday was quite a good day with sun and wind. I walked to Biddenham and back; 5 miles and snapped the autumn foliage on this beautiful tree.

Everything charity shopped. The suede skirt came from Oxfam in West Hampstead; can't remember where I got the top from; the brown jacket by Viyella; 1 euro in the Donegal Animal Charity shop. Boots online retail.

All jewellery charity shopped. Did anyone spot I had odd earrings on? I only realised when I saw the photos; I'd tried two different pairs on and forgot they weren't matching...

After my walk I went to see my friend Ann and we spent the rest of the afternoon catching up.

Sunday's outfit. I bought this green tunic by Savannah Miller for 3.95 when I went to the hairdressers on Thursday. Cardigan by Next also charity shopped as are the boots (River Island) and the leggings; H&M - both from my Barnardo's. The leggings are black with dark green splodges.

All jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were another of the 1.00 pairs from the Hospice shop.

 OH and I went to the last of our local car boot sales on Sunday. It was very disappointing. There were very few stalls and most of those had childrens' and babies' items. It was also a really chilly day; my hands were so cold I wished I'd worn gloves! I did manage to buy a dress for 50p and two necklaces each for 50p. Then it was home to do the housework and cook the dinner. I also finished the Hydrangea blanket on Sunday:

Source: Attic 24 blog.
I hope Hilary likes it!

 I've certainly enjoyed making it; the pattern is very easy. You can see above where the inspiration for the pattern and colours came from - real hydrangea flowers. Attic 24 uses inspiration from nature a lot and then tries to find suitable colours. Very successfully, I'd say! I could have bought the yarn pack in these colours, but it works out extremely expensive.  Instead I make use of my stash; almost all of which has been picked up in charity shops.

I may make a second Hydrangea blanket in different shades of blue and give it to my middle grandson's little brother. His mum asked me to make one for him ages ago. There's quite a lot of good TV at the moment, so I can crochet and watch at the same time. I'm currently reading the Coco Chanel biography that I picked up from my Barnardo's last week. What a fascinating woman she was...

Even though it was half term I still went to volunteer at Barnardo's on Monday. There was so much stuff to sort, tag and put onto the shop floor. We have the Christmas launch coming up where all the Barnardo's Christmas branded stuff is put out; I've volunteered to do an extra day that week. I bought two jumpers from the 50p rail; a couple of necklaces and two pictures; one of which is for Hilary.

I didn't go to the foodbank as it was half term. I set off for a swim at midday only to realise as I approached the pool that as it was half term there wouldn't be lane swimming during the day; only in the early morning or evening!

It was quite a chilly day so I wrapped up well.

This is one of the 50p jumpers (by Tu) bought at Barnardo's on Monday.
Skirt by Topshop and also charity shopped. Boots charity shopped in Oxfam in Bedford.
I wore my 'And Other Stories' denim jacket which I bought at the 3:16 charity shop for 5.00. Thick cable pattern tights also charity shopped, but I can't remember where from.

All jewellery charity shopped;

I went to Newport Pagnell for a rummage. I bought another scarf (!)  a top by Boden for 2.00; and I found a lovely pair of earrings for 1.00 in the Willen Hospice shop. The only drawback was they were post earrings which I don't like very much. But I have jewellery pliers in a range of sizes and lots of hooks that turn earrings into drop or dangle earrings. When I got home I got the pliers out and set to work and now I have a pair of large pearl earrings plus a small pair of square diamond earrings. I often do this with earrings that I see; or sometimes I remove parts of earring to make them simpler. I bought both the pliers and hooks from ebay some years ago.

And talking of jewellery look at this:

My bag of shame. AKA as a bag full of bangles - mostly plastic in assorted hues.
I had 8 baskets full of bangles that sat on top of my cupboard. Every time I reached into a basket or went to lift one down; bangles would fall on the bedroom floor with a huge clatter. Why did I need 8 baskets of bangles - all colour coded? I didn't. I've just bought them because they're always plentiful in charity shops and they're cheap. I've been buying them for years. And of course I like them; but not enough that they keep falling to the floor. So on Wednesday after my walk of 7 miles; I sorted them out and got down to 4 baskets (from 8!) that sit neatly on top of the cupboard and aren't too full. The bag of shame will go to one of the nearby charity shops.

This is the top from Boden bought yesterday for 2.00 in the Willen Hospice shop.
All jewellery charity shopped.

Frayed bottom jeans (by me) from Next; charity shopped and brogues Tesco sale a few years ago.
Can you see my neat baskets on top of the cupboard? Prior to the clearout they each had another basket balancing precariously on top!

It was quite a cold day on Wednesday and although I had socks on my ankles were cold.

On Thursday afternoon, my daughter, me and two youngest grandsons set off for a trip for a couple of nights stay in Saltburn by the Sea. We had never visited this part of the country before and I was keen to see Whitby. We stayed in an airbnb which was very good; but the weather was awful. It rained so heavily on the drive there it was like driving in fog; I couldn't see the tail lights of the driver in front! My daughter drove us back and the conditions were the same on the return journey. In fact the weather made us return early on Saturday as we had exhausted all the indoor possibilities - crazy golf etc...

This is Saltburn by the Sea. It had stopped raining
 when we arrived and the sky was this strange pinky colour...

We set off for Whitby on Friday and as luck would have it it was Goth weekend; because of Halloween I assume.  You can read all about Whitby, Goths and the Dracula/Bram Stoker connection here.

This group of obliging people allowed me to take their photo. There were some wonderfully costumed people walking up the 199 steps to St. Mary's Church and to the Abbey, but I didn't like to take their photos without permission and we could have been there all day if I had! Some fabulous costumes were seen and then of course the rain descended. We then made out way to Skelton where we played an 18 hole indoor Crazy Golf game which was great fun and then went out to get something to eat. Both evenings we played cards for 5p stakes. The grandchildren really enjoy games. I had intended to bring a game called Articulate with us but had forgotten it. Tried 2 different places to buy another (which I would have given to my daughter for her house) but there were none to be found.

We found this poor dead lizard outside the walls of the abbey as we circumnavigated it. Youngest grandson said he knew it was dead -  because 'his tongue was sticking out and that's a sign that something is dead'. Such innocence!

Whitby Harbour from the steps going back down to the town.

Harbour wall, Whitby.

A replica of Captain Cook's 'Endeavour'. James Cook, explorer came from this part of the world and there is a museum devoted to him in Whitby.

I'd also hoped to have a quick whizz round the charity shops in Saltburn on Saturday before we left. but the weather was so awful I didn't bother! I did look at one (I saw 3) in Whitby; the prices seemed to be quite high...

This lovely tweed fabric caught my eye when I went to Ampthill a week ago and I couldn't resist this tunic for 5.00. The colours aren't properly defined in the outfit photos.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Worn with brown leggings; M&S retail and brown boots; charity shopped. I wore this on Sunday when I went to see my son. It was a lovely sunny day but very, very chilly. I was however very grateful the incessant rain had finally stopped. I hope the ground has a chance to dry out a bit otherwise when I lead my walk on Wednesday it will be very muddy...

Grandson had a teacher training day so I only went to the charity shop for two hours on Monday. It was busy as usual and for a change I sorted out and decoded the bric a brac.

This was what I wore. All jewellery charity shopped. Another 1.00 pair of earrings from the Hospice shop.

Joe Brown dress bought BNWT in a Donegal charity shop for 10 euros.
The green footless tights were bought online last year and the green boots were charity shopped from my Barnardo's. Orange boiled wool jacket bought in the Hospice shop in Kempston last year, I think.

Hope you're all keeping warm!


  1. So many wonderful outfits - I really love the suede skirt and that nice tweed tunic. How cool to see Whitby - it's just lovely - and I would have loved seeing all the goths! Captain Cook explored my neck of the woods - there is a major street/neighbourhood here called Cook Street after him.

    I am so proud of you for weeding out your bangles! Just try not to re-buy any of them! ;-P

    1. Thank you, Sheila!

      I felt so much better when I got rid of the bangles - lighter somehow...

  2. Hair's looking food, Vronni!
    Love the sound of your 7 mile bus walk, hooray for pensioner perks!
    Love the red, brown and animal print outfit,the Boden tunic and the quilted jacket with the turquoise skirt.
    The hydrangea blanket is stunning, fancy finding all that wool in a chazza, there's never much in these parts. I think the grannies have a deal with the shop managers here and make blankets for the shop to sell in exchange for free wool - fair enough, I suppose!
    I used to have the same bangle addiction, I used to keep mine a bucket! It's easy to get carries away with cheap chazza stuff.
    I'd love to go to Whitby and your photos make it all the more appealing. Love the tweed dress - I imagine the shops there are picked to death.
    Have a fab week, stay warm! xxx

    1. Thank you!

      You've hit the nail on the head, Vix. I do get carried away in the chazzas; the bangles being a classic example of that and wool another. That's how I've built up such a good stash!

      I'm surprised you haven't been to Whitby; I loved the jet jewellery but it's very expensive...

  3. you look fab with your new haircut - fresh and pretty!
    and your outfits add to that impression too. very chic vronni!
    your trip to whitby looks and sounds interesting - and how cool to see all the dressed up goth people! sorry for the weather!
    here the temps plummed to zero at night - winds are icy. pulled the mittens, wool hats and thick coats out of storage...
    stay warm! xxxxx
    p.s.: walked with the BW on saturday - 4km! - and we were totally knocked out in the end! oh my. to our defense: our landscape is very vertical ;-D

  4. Lots of lovely outfits!
    Glad that you're enjoying your bus pass and planning new excursions. I admire all the swimming you're doing too!.
    Love all the tunics with leggins and also love your colorful tights with skirts (particularly the turquoise one with the cool top). And you totally rock every color!. You make muted tones look stunning, and love how you enhance them with your fab accessories!. Love the jumper and tartan skirt outfit, love the Boden top with jeans and those beads, love your tweed dress (such nice colors and texture) and love your orange jacket with those green shades!
    How cool is that Goth weekend at Whitby!, I'd really enjoy the atmosphere and all the cool people looking fabulously goth!
    Your bangles collection is amazing, but I understand that you had to let some go!

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Monica.

      Thank you for your comments.

      What a shame you don't live closer as I think you would have enjoyed some of the bangles I got rid of!

  5. I never cease to be amazed at the prices in your charity shops - much more expensive around here! I buy most of my second-hand stuff on e-bay but of course the postage adds up. I've just cleared out some of my costume jewellery for the charity shop as |i'm hopelessly addicted to
    buying it. If I have too much I start to feel a bit oppressed by it. I've also sold some of my collection of mid-century pieces and made a
    good profit on a Givenchy necklace.Mostly I lose money but I have had the pleasure of receiving the parcels in the post . I don't wear everything I've got but will be getting out my sparkly stuff as I'm going on a cruise soon. Your swimming is very impressive - I keep saying I'm going back to it but somehow I don't.

    1. I'm glad to hear someone else has an addiction to costume jewellery! I so understand when you said you felt oppressed by having too much; I felt the same.

      Good luck with selling your jewellery on; I'm just far too lazy to do so. I try my best to wear everything in my wardrobe but as I have so many clothes it would probably take months...

      I hope you have a wonderful cruise and bring on the sparkly stuff - and the costume jewellery!!

  6. Some great finds as always, loving the tweedy tunic and the Joe Browns dress. Enjoyed the pictures of Whitby. We were not far from there last year, in Robin Hoods Bay, when John finished the Coast to Coast walk. We had fish from Whitby.

    1. Hello Gail,

      I must visit your blog I haven't read it for a while...

      If the weather was better we wanted to see Robin Hood's Bay but it was not to be!

  7. The hydrangea blanket is beautiful! I'm sure it will be treasured. Bangles get out of hand quickly, don't they? I need to sort mine out as well. If it isn't Bakelite, or otherwise special they need to go.

    I'd love to go to Whitby, even in the rain. I've been collecting jet for years.

    I loved all your outfits this tie around, but the suede skirt and the tweed tunic are my favourites.

    Hope it dries out for your walk.

    1. Thank you, Goody.

      I loved the jet jewellery but it was so expensive. I saw a stunning pair of drop earrings there about the same size as the yellow ones I'm wearing in the first outfit photo - they were 400+!

      Stay warm...

  8. I'm loving the sassy new hair cut! It's good to hear you're enjoying the perks of being a pensioner. I'd be riding buses all the time ;-) Here in Belgium we used to get free bus passes at 65, but now you just get a bus pass at a reduced price, which only makes it worthwile if you take the bus quite regularly. Lovely round-up of outfits as usual, my favourites being the Boden top and frayed bottom jeans, the tweed tunic, and the Joe Brown dress with the orange jacket. Whitby looks lovely in spite of the less than perfect weather. Last but not least, how stunning is that Hydrangea blanket! xxx

  9. Thank you, Ann!

    What a shame about your loss of free bus passes - I think ours will be amended or abolished before too long. There are rumbles about it already...

  10. Sounds like your weather hasn't been great. It's a drag when you're on vacation and the weather isn't cooperating.

    Your hair is looking wonderful. Do you wear a swim cap?

    The Hydrangea blanket really turned out well.

    Good for you downsizing your bangles collection. I have gotten halfway through changing over my wardrobe. It's just the dresses to go through now.

    Loved the people in costume.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Suzanne. No, I never wear a swim cap but always thoroughly rinse my hair after a swim...

      Have a great weekend. too!

  11. This may sound daft, but thank you for asking people if you could take their photos. I went to WGW years ago - part of my gothspent youth - and had a lovely time, but in the years since things like that and the big steampunk events have been discovered by photographers who make absolute menaces of themselves. I've had friends complain about being photographed when they were just eating their meals in a cafe, and one who nearly got into a fight with a photographer who *physically dragged a girl to a better place for his shot*.

    Your finished blanket is lovely, and done just in time for the winter. I really like the colours you chose.

    1. I'm probably a bit old fashioned, Mim, but I wouldn't take anyone's photo without asking permission first! How rude not to!

  12. Oh darling all your outfits are fabulous, but I must confess that my favorite is the second~

  13. Wonderful outfits, my favs are the floral dress and the red tartan skirt.

  14. As always you've given us a beautiful array of outfits and autumn colours (amazing tree shot!). Those Leoprint boots are amazing.
    What do you have done to your eyebrows, btw? I'm curious because they look lovely and mine have all but disappeared.
    Well done finishing the blanket.
    I always loved that little red tartan skirt and that Boden top looks fabulous on you.
    The Whitby photos are interesting, that was a nice break, despite the awful weather.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Hugs, Mary x.

    1. Mary, the only thing I do to my eyebrows is have them tinted and waxed once a month. I used to have them threaded but it hurts less to have them waxed!

      Thank you for your lovely comments.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


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