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Halt term break, Whitby and project completed

I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I had to take the youngest grandson for a hospital appointment to Cambridge in the afternoon so managed to get a quick swim in before; 22 laps. I wore this green corduroy skirt by H&M; 1.00 rail somewhere, a white Gap shirt also 1.00 rail and this cheerful yellow jumper by Mc&Co which I picked up from Barnardo's in Ampthill. 1.00 rail. Green boots by River Island from my Barnardo's. Had a much needed haircut on Thursday and got my eyebrows done. I also did the food shopping and worked on the Hydrangea blanket. It's almost done... It was 7 degrees on Thursday morning; quite chilly! The camera is still not taking its usual photos; I just don't know why.. Lace effect leggings M&S retail and boots; both presents from my daughter, tunic; 1.00 rail and Gap shirt underneath; as above. All jewellery charity shopped. I'd planned to go out for a walk after I'd done everything I wanted to do; but it ra

Walking, swimming and rummaging

Last Wednesday I walked by myself and not with my group. I did a walk that combined elements of several walks that I've previously led. It was a beautiful sunny but cool day and the walk was 10.8 miles. I did enjoy it. I saw a Buzzard; a Kestrel being mobbed by two crows and several Red Kites.  I also startled a pheasant, but that's nothing new; I do it almost every time I'm out for a walk. They are daft birds; if they'd just stay put I'd never know they were there; and they wouldn't have to erupt out of the undergrowth in a riot of squawks and feathers! All jewellery charity shopped. Navy lace trousers; my Barnardo's 2.00. Top by Primarni 1.00 rail somewhere; and jacket 4.00 in the 3:16 charity shop. Red brothel creepers/beetle crushers 5.00 from a Wellingborough charity shop. I have put my summer sandals and shoes away and brought out the boots and winter shoes. I've packed away the lightest of my summer clothes but I haven&