I feel the heat...

All jewellery charity shop except earrings from e bay.

Hello lovelies!

Well, I have been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks, but first I must show you just a few of the wonderful things I saw on our visit to the V&A museum.
 I have to go back as there was so much more to see.

The photos of the jewellery didn't come out very well but this is one of the better ones. It features coral and turquoise jewellery from the 1920s. How amazing is that coral tiara? The coral daisy type items are two hair pins and a brooch/pin. Some of the jewellery was breathtaking.

Moving on...

A retable (altarpiece) by Raphael about 1410.

I managed to visit the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art:

Istanbul circa 1731.

I didn't think to photograph the information panels so I can't remember from where and which eras these beautiful dishes came from.

Now to the clothes:

Alexander McQueen - 1990s

Early 1900s
The coat is by Liberty of London 1905 -1910. The yellow mantle by Paul Poiret 1913.

1925 - shoes by Lilley and Skinner! Remember them?

Utility clothing 1940s

1960s - Pyjama suit by Emilio Pucci about 1968. The  orange dress is by Courreges. I used the chequered outfit as inspiration for an outfit. See below.

1950s. Embroidered dress by Norman Hartnell.

This last  item was both unusual and very clever. A patchwork embroidered wall hanging made in 1820 out of overcoats and military uniforms.

I don't find clothes from the 19th century and earlier centuries as interesting as the clothes from 1900 onwards and this is reflected in the lack of photos from those eras. Sorry! There were quite a few displays of them though and if you like fashion, style and clothes then the V&A is for you! I wish they had even more clothes on display...

After all that beauty and glamour you'll have to make do with me now!
This is the sweater dress I bought for 99p in Barnardo's in Ampthill. Cardigan also charity shopped, by M&S. Headscarf; charity shopped. The one around my neck can double up as a sarong and was brought back from Jamaica by OH for me quite a few years ago.

Navy leggings; M&S 1.00 rail and blue boots; 1.99 both Red Cross. 

This outfit below, is the one I wore last Sunday when I went out to  Sunday lunch with OH and two of my lovely brothers. Julian was getting over the horrible bug that's affected very many people here and stayed at home. 
The outfit was inspired by one of the outfits seen at the V&A; unfortunately I didn't have a chequered brooch to match so made do with my 50p zip brooch instead! Just seen in the head and shoulders photo below. Everything I'm wearing is charity shopped except the black top and the boots which are from Sainsbury's.

Skirt 1.00 from 3:16 charity shop; cardigan charity shopped is by F&F (Tesco). The black top is one of two I bought in the La Redoute sale about three years ago.

I lost one of these earrings later on in the day. I'm always losing earrings and it's my own fault because I'm often too lazy to put the backs in. You'd think I'd learn by now wouldn't you? I have a bag of single earrings that are missing a mate. I live in hope the mate will turn up one day. Strangely enough I lost a silver and coral earring about a fortnight ago and this week OH found in his car! A few years back i lost a copper steel pan earring OH brought me back from Jamaica at the same time as the scarf (see above). About a month later I found it in the gutter (slightly flattened) near to where I often park my car! So you can see why I keep the odd ones just in case....

Scarf charity shopped; jacket (Fenn Wright Mason) charity shopped in the RSPCA in Newport Pagnell; 5.00.

On Wednesday afternoon, having led my 7 mile walk for the Ramblers, I went to meet my ex colleague for a coffee in a cafe in the village where she lives. It was lovely to catch up; I haven't seen her for 18 years!

I gave my charity shopped Boden velvet coat an outing. I thought it went well with my Primark sweater dress bought with a Christmas voucher. The navy ankle boots were bought online retail. Scarves charity shopped.

Oh dear, my thermal vest is showing...

All jewellery charity shopped.

Dress charity shopped in Donegal for 3 euros. Crochet cardigan 99p rail last year at Barnardo's. Leggings; Sainsbury's retail. Scarf charity shopped. Boots; present from daughter. You can see the newly opened chimney breast in this photo. The plaster was still very wet. When the guys took out the bricks and rubble they found this fragment of one of the original Edwardian tiles; part of the original hearth. Isn't it beautiful?

The chimney sweep came last Thursday and there was no mess at all! Once the plaster has fully dried out we need to repaint the chimney breast. By last weekend the hearth was laid in the fireplace; we had bought coal, logs and kindling; plus a coal bucket and companion set. We were ready for the burner to be installed on the Monday. On Sunday we moved the furniture out of one room into the other. It was exhausting.The dining room was now back to where it should be - beside the kitchen, and the living room was reinstated to its original place.

On Thursday I also got two (!) parking tickets. This year is the first year the council are not sending us out reminders to renew our resident parking permit. When I went to my car Thursday lunchtime to go and do the food shopping there was a parking ticket on it. My resident parking permit had run out the day before - the last day of January! When I parked up again and unpacked my shopping I went back to the car with a  temporary parking permit from my book of visitors permits; I'd been given another parking ticket! I've contested both of them. I'll let you know the outcome.

I spent a lot of the last week cleaning up and waiting in for workmen to arrive but I found time  to get to the hairdressers and one day to do some errands in town. I paid a quick visit to the Mercy in Action charity shop. I bought this no label tunic in there for 3.00 and a cotton jacket for summer for 2.00. The leggings are M&S; charity shopped and I'm wearing a  Primarni blue stretchy top underneath the tunic  as it is very low cut! Navy boots as before.

I didn't get much reading done either last week, but I have got on really well with grandson's blanket. I have now sewn all the squares together in strips and have started to sew the strips together. Next thing will be the border and then the awful chore of sewing millions of ends in; hey ho. My next project will be a throw for my bed in shades of violet and lavender.

All jewellery charity shopped. I forgot to put bangles or rings on!

This week has been very cold but from Monday evening we had the warmth of the new stove to look forward to. A new routine has been established; OH comes in from work and lights the stove;  with me having done all the necessary cleaning out of the stove and filling up of coal buckets etc during the day. It is such a pleasure to have the stove and as we won't have the TV connected up in that room until the 7th March it's also been very peaceful...

On Tuesday I volunteered as usual at the Food bank and the library.

On Wednesday I went for a rummage in the afternoon. I'm sorry I didn't go walking as it turned out to be a lovely day; very cold but bright and sunny with a clear blue sky. I decided to go to Newport Pagnell and Olney instead. I was looking for a basket to put kindling in and I found one in Age UK in Olney. In Newport Pagnell my favourite charity shop was closed for refurbishment so there were only three to look in. I bought a brooch for 2.00 in Age UK Newport Pagnell; a necklace and purple bangle for 50p each and a turquoise checked shirt 2.00 from the sale rail in Willen Hospice.

This will be my new setting for photos - my living room.
 Everything charity shopped except the boots from Sainsburys. Skirt; M&S, top; can't remember, cardigan bought in Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery charity shopped including the necklace which was a present from OH.

On Thursday new windows in the kitchen and bathroom were fitted and a new back door. Hopefully we'll feel the benefit of them soon.  I noticed the difference in the bathroom on Friday morning; it wasn't freezing cold first thing in the morning!

Oh dear: I am such a mucky cow. I've got soup on my tunic. Of course youngest grandson, who was photographer for the day didn't tell me. Yellow tunic; Sainsbury's retail. Floral leggings; retail sale. Boots; online retail. Blue top under tunic charity shopped; 1.00 rail, Jaeger jacket 99p rail; Barnardo's in Great Denham. Scarf charity shopped. All jewellery charity shopped.

This weekend I'm off to see my son on Saturday and hope to get a bit of walking in on Sunday. I haven't been walking at all this week and I've missed it. I am really fed up with the damp and cold and the frequent gloom; I can't wait for some proper sunshine! What about you - what are you up to?

Until next time...


  1. For one short moment I thought that top photo was going to be all the jewelry you bought this week! I know your charity shops are good but...
    The stove looks beautiful and it must be so nice having a fire to keep warm. The Victorian tile makes you wonder how magnificent the fireplace must have been. Love your velvet coat, and of course all your wonderful necklaces. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I wish I could find a haul like that in the charity shops, Goody!!

      It is lovely having the fire...

  2. This post is full of fantastic outfits! Of course I like them even better knowing they are thrifted.

    I was drooling over that vintage fashion. I'm watching Babylon Berlin and it takes place in the 1920s and the costumes are fabulous.

    I'm really loving that black and white check outfit with the red/pink coat.

    A fire makes a house so much nicer in the winter.

    I'm working non stop getting ready for my retail show now. I've pulled back on blogging because of it. Just too much to do.


    1. Thank you, Suzanne.

      How exciting it must be to have a show coming up! Hopefully, you'll post about it on your blog when it's all over and you've had a rest...

  3. I'm drooling over the jewellery and fashion from the V&A. The Edwardian tile fragment is a great find. It must have been gorgeous in its heyday. Your newly installed fireplace looks very inviting. Your black and white outfit with the red coat is fantastic and the necklace you're wearing with it is utterly stunning. I'm also loving your velvet coat and black and red skirt. We've had quite a bit of sunshine last week, and today (Saturday) as well, so we went for a little walk. Hope the weather's nice for you for your walk tomorrow! xxx

    1. Yes we had sunshine on Sunday for a fair bit of the day and I managed a 5 mile walk.

      Thank you for your comments.

  4. I'm sorry to say, but the highlight of your post for me has to be that rather splendid log burner! Only joking, honestly. Although, I do have a real love of this type of fire (probably because we have one too). Anyway, the two most favourite pieces from this week have to be the red coat with those lovely chunky buttons and then the red and black M&S skirt. I did like you checkered homage suit too though, and thanks for all of the V&A photos.
    I've just started doing an hours walk in my lunchtime over the winter and can only cover three miles in that time which makes me even more impressed at your long walks - you must be out for hours!
    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Strangely enough I'm rarely walking for more than two to two and a half hours on average. It depends on the terrain of course; it's much slower and harder walking on grass and in fields and woods compared to walking on pavements.I have had a few marathon walks - usually because I got horribly lost!

      Well done you for walking. Is it a substitute for when the sea is too rough to swim?

  5. I do love your statement necklaces Vronni, the metal triangular one and orange beads in particular....I'm not a necklace person myself though. Superb FWM jacket, you suit red so well.
    Isn't it great when you get jobs around the house done? Your wood burner looks fabulous and I can imagine the heat it emits. I'm getting some electrics sorted soon and feel ridiculously pleased about finally arranging something I've been meaning to do for years. xxx

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Fiona and thank you for your comment. I've always wanted an open fire since I moved to this house 27 years ago and I've finally achieved it!

  6. You really do have so much beauty and glamour in this post. I love all the photos from the V&A, especially the jewellery at the top. Turquoise and coral are a lovely combination. That orange velvet flapper dress is fabulous. Talking of glamour, I really liked all you outfits but the Boden silk velvet coat is my fave. What a gorgeous outfit. Your house must be great with new windows and your fuel burner. Do they need a lot of cleaning compared to a coal fire? Can you leave them on during the day? It looks really warm and toasty and I am sure that it is being well used at the moment. This dismal weather seems to be really dragging on this year. Least the nights are getting lighter. Hope that your parking tickets get sorted. Xx

    1. It is so cosy with the fire Kelly - we love it! I grew up with an open fire and it was my chore as a child to clean the grate out and lay the fire ready for one of the parents to light when they got in from work. I don't think the fuel burner is any more onerous than an open fire. yes, I think you can leave them on during the day but you would need to keep the door closed (so sparks etc don't jump out and set light to things) but of course if they're not refuelled regularly they'll go out.

      One of the parking tickets has been sorted; just waiting to hear about the other one now...

  7. Wow!That back & white herringbone ensemble is va-va-voom!
    I have to visit the V&A one day- it looks amazing!

  8. That jewellery! How gorgeous is it? That tiara is something else. I'm not a fan of glitzy jewellery but coral makes my heart sing! The Turkish fireplace needs to be mine as does the psychedelic Pucci number.
    Loving the dog tooth check on you with the red cape and the necklace is a work of art.
    Your fireplace is lovely, what a fabulous focal point. The encaustic tile is amazing, how gorgeous a whole set must have looked 100 years ago. xx

    1. Hello Vix - you're back!

      Thank you for your comments. As soon as I saw the Pucci pyjama suit I thought of you...


  9. Good luck defeating the parking tickets. Councils seem very keen to get residents as quickly as possible - there's not enough parking for the houses down our way, and the traffic warden is always popping by to catch people out!

    I love the jewellery galleries at the V&A. Couldn't you just imagine scooping it into your bag to take home? That turquoise and coral would look fab with some of your outfits! I've still never made it to the clothing galleries, though I did see the Poiret mantle as part of a talk on art deco clothing - it's literally just rectangles, but very cleverly draped.

    1. Mim, the parking attendants round here are B******s! Little Hitlers the lot of them.

      I can certainly imagine scooping all that amazing jewellery into my bag - in my dreams!

      I am amazed about the mantle - how exceedingly clever of the designer....

  10. I do love V&A museum (I think it's my favorite!) and the clothes are displayed in an amazing way!. Love all of them!
    And I also love that you created your black&white outfit inspired by that piece in the exhibition, so creative!, I think your outfit is brilliant, love your necklace and the red coat!
    Lots of fabulous tunics (that yellow one is one of my favorites, it looks lovely with the jacket!) and so cute sarong as a scarf!, and loving that warm new stove!. I'm a huge fan of confort!

  11. Oh, so many good things in this post: a Courreges dress (I have a Courreges skirt, thrifted!), your houndstooth suit (love!), that gorgeous velvet coat (WANT). I love your new chimney insert - so cozy-looking - and your lovely living room area! Fabulous post, my dear!

    1. Thank you, Sheila!

      The new chimney insert is so cosy and we are loving it!

  12. Hey Vronni.... love all your outfits as always. Particularly the red and black skirt and the red cape (although you weren't wearing them together.) You have some great choices for Valentine's Day coming up. About the lost earrings... it's fun to wear mismatched! I've found if you wear only one, people tend to gasp and tell you "oh no... you've lost an earring". But if you wear two different ones (especially one large and one stud) they enjoy a level of surprise. It's pretty fun. Also, just so you know. I wore my electric blue tights this week and got a lot of comments about "mod squad" etc. That was fun too. Thanks for the inspiration! XO

    1. Thank you, Karen,

      I'm so pleased you wore your electric blue tights and got positive comments. Now you need to bring out the psychedelic purple tights and the banana yellow ones as well!

      I feel lopsided with odd earrings - I have tried it. Wasn't it a thing in the 80s or 90s?


  13. I can see why you would, Vronni. Some earrings peek out from behind the hair (mine) and some are right out there, stage left and stage right (yours). May you find your favorite matches! Here's to wild tights and happy valentines! xo


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