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Half term and after

Hello again! I wore this last Saturday to go and meet my son. All jewellery charity shopped. Everything charity shopped except the kimono - present from my daughter. Black Mc & Co brocade trousers; can't remember; same for the yellow top; boots, New Look; Willen Hospice in Newport Pagnell, 6.00. I finally got out for a walk on Sunday in the morning. I did 5 miles along the by pass to the village of Biddenham and on my way back I spied this Muntjac deer (no, it's not a dog). The amazing thing was that on the other side of the fence you can just see in the foreground of the photo; is a grass verge, then pavement and then the busy two lane by pass. I guess there was only about fifty yards between the deer and the road.  The walk on Sunday kick started my walking mojo. On Monday I took middle grandson out for a bike ride. We walked to Bromham; a village I lived in for ten years where I took the grandson to see our old house. That was a 6.5 m

I feel the heat...

All jewellery charity shop except earrings from e bay. Hello lovelies! Well, I have been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks, but first I must show you just a few of the wonderful things I saw on our visit to the V&A museum.  I have to go back as there was so much more to see. The photos of the jewellery didn't come out very well but this is one of the better ones. It features coral and turquoise jewellery from the 1920s. How amazing is that coral tiara? The coral daisy type items are two hair pins and a brooch/pin. Some of the jewellery was breathtaking. Moving on... A retable (altarpiece) by Raphael about 1410. I managed to visit the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art: Istanbul circa 1731. I didn't think to photograph the information panels so I can't remember from where and which eras these beautiful dishes came from. Now to the clothes: Alexander McQueen - 1990s Early 1900s The coat i