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Hello everyone! 

It seems like a long time ago since I last posted but it's only been 24 days. In that time I've been to Donegal for two weeks and my cousin from Ireland came to visit me here in Bedford. I have had a wonderful three weeks and it was also good to have a break from blogging! I did miss everyone else's blogs and have tried to catch up since I returned.

I'm going to dedicate this part of the post to Fiona of 'Made in a Muddle' here. Fiona has a mobile home in France and asked me to do a post about about my mobile home in Ireland - so here goes.

The site we stay at  is at the top of a hill and has about 180 mobile homes in total. It is split into two separate areas by a road. There is a children's playground; a green play space with trees and tyre swings; a football/tennis/basketball pitch; picnic sites and a hut for wet weather activities, on site. There are also woods to the rear of the site, two nearby lakes and lots of local beaches.  Our mobile home is on the upper slope of the hill and at the end of a row. It is a truly beautiful spot and we are surrounded by mountains.

We are 17 miles from the town of Donegal; 3.5 miles from Killybegs and about 7 miles from Ardara. There is a garage cum post office cum grocery shop cum deli at the bottom of the hill, about 4 miles away and it's our nearest shop.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, house, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

This is 'Ruby Super' hereafter referred to as the 'caravan'. She is a static caravan or mobile home made by Atlas and was originally made in the mid to late 1990s. I bought her in April 2014 after I retired in March. I had the wooden decking/patio and base around the caravan made especially. Ruby Super has three bedrooms but can sleep eight people as the seating area in the living area pulls down into a double bed.

There is no central heating but I do have a gas fire in the living room and two other electric heaters. However, electric voltage is is limited in a caravan and you learn pretty quickly how many electrical items can be in use at the same time. When the electricity is 'tripped' it's only a short walk to the decking to 'throw' the switch. As it can get very cold, in the evenings especially, I always have a good supply of throws and blankets which are stored in the large basket.

I like the layout in the caravan  - apart from the sleeping areas and bathroom, everything else is open plan. From the kitchen window and two of the bedroom windows I can see St. John's Point which is one of the longest peninsulas in Ireland.  The peninsula is separated on either side by McSwyne's Bay and Inver Bay; which feed into Donegal Bay and the North Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day, I can also see Ben Bulben mountain  across Donegal Bay in Co. Sligo. If you look very carefully at the picture below, in the distance on the left hand side you can just make out Ben Bulben. There were very few clear days on this trip but when it is clear it's as if I can lean out of the window and touch the sea!

The kitchen is compact but has lots of storage space. I have no washing machine but there is a laundry on site with two washing machines and two tumble dryers. They are not free; unfortunately...

This is the bathroom. There is a shower to the left of the photo.

There is a separate loo

One double bedroom complete with another wardrobe of clothes, shoes, jewellery and perfume!

Two twin bedrooms.

When we've been away from the caravan between September to Easter, the caravan suffers from mildew. We leave plates of salt and humidifiers (non electrical) bought at hard ware shops to help with the mildew. This year we've left the blinds up and curtains open to maximise any sunshine and warmth; until I return in July. The caravan heats up really quickly when it's sunny. 

We also have to pack any clothing or textiles, including bedding, away in plastic bags to avoid them becoming mildewed. If we were able to visit more frequently this would be less of an issue. So far though, it has been the only problem we've experienced and we love Ruby Super. When I return in July, I shall be applying weather protection stain to the decking and washing the outside of the caravan with a mop and bucket. Thanks to Fiona for alerting me to this - it was in the terms and conditions,  but I had completely missed it!


Are you ready for some outfit posts? Not many I'm afraid; I was too busy having a good time!

I only managed one selfie with the selfie stick. Everything charity shopped. Cardigan; 50p at a jumble sale, top; £1.00 rail somewhere, can't remember where I bought the trousers.

All jewellery and headscarf charity shopped.

When OH arrived we spent a day in Derry.

Taken outside the Guildhall in Co.Derry. Everything charity shopped except the bag; online retail and the boots; Christmas present. The mac is by Max Mara and I bought it for 4 euros at my favourite charity shop in Killybegs, Co. Donegal. I also bought a pair of brown trousers and a green and black pair of trousers there for 2 euros each and a tunic by Apricot for 3 euros. It was a chilly day in Derry hence the gloves and scarf!

I'm standing against the wall that once surrounded the city of Derry. This plaque is in memory of all those who were killed  by weapon systems within the city and district of Derry.

Another part of the wall. 
OH and I had a really good rummage in the charity shops of Derry on Easter Saturday. There were nine in total that we found and only one was closed. I was quite restrained for a change (!) and bought a necklace in a hospice shop and a Desigual tunic top in the Red Cross shop; where I got discount bringing the price down from £6.00 to £4.80! On the way to Derry we stopped at Ballyboffey to have a rummage and I bought a pair of trainers and a pair of walking shoes for 99 cents each. In the Donkey Sanctuary charity shop I bought a ring for 5 euros and a couple of books.

This picture was taken in Letterkenny, where we stopped for a meal on the way back from Derry. I have no idea what the sculpture is and there was no information about it that I could see.

 We also spent a day in Sligo where we went rummaging as well as visiting family. I bought some white jeans for 2.50 euros and a couple of bangles. I also visited another cousin and his wife in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo before OH came out. This the view of the Atlantic from their garden:

On that occasion my cousin's wife, Martina and another cousin Caroline, and I, went walking around the base of Ben Bulben. It was a beautiful walk and we had two dogs with us who were very well behaved throughout. 

And other than reading, eating, sleeping, a bit of walking, listening to the radio and starting (finally) a new crochet blanket, I did very little else! 

Only another 100+ rows to go....
I'll post about my cousin's visit in my next post. It's good to be back!


  1. Vronni, I'm not sure if it's just me, but I can't see any of your photo's beyond the first one of the mobile home. I'll come back tomorrow to see if it's fixed. I just thought I should say. I tried refreshing the page, but no luck. Other readers might report differently.

  2. Hi Veronica
    It's so kind of you to answer my request with a post about your van and I was very interested to read all the details. Unfortunately I can only see the first photo also and am dying to see inside! Tried refreshing also but no joy. xx

  3. It seems I was not the only one having problems with your photos, but I checked back today and it seems to be fixed now.
    I do wish we had a "little" bolthole somewhere like your caravan. What a view! I must admit I have never been to Ireland, but my parents did go and loved it. Also, my stepdaughter is mad about Ireland and has lots of Irish friends. It's good to hear you had a lovely, relaxing time, and I love that you're frequenting the local charity shops while on holiday, like I do. xxx

    1. Ann, Fiona and Anna alerted me to the photo issue on Weds evening just after I'd posted. If I cut and paste images from my Google photos they don't show up - I have to download them to the blog.

      Yes, I am very lucky to have such a fabulous bolt hole and I love it!

  4. No problem with the photos here.

    So nice to have you back, and I'm glad you had a nice holiday. I'm so impressed with the inside of the caravan-it is so spacious. I spotted the Allegoria bottle of your perfume tray and thought, "Good choice!" I can't decide if that's funny or pathetic on my part!

    Nice to have you back.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I sorted it out this morning having been alerted to it the evening before.

      I think it's very observant of you to spot my Allegoria! It's my favourite right now and I alternate between 'Basil and Madarin' or 'Herb Fresca'.

    2. Of course I meant Mandarin not Madarin!

  5. Hooray! I looked at your post last night and couldn't get the photos to load and now I can!
    Ruby Super is huge and rather luxurious. No wonder you love her. What a view.
    Your blanket is stunning and the charity shops sound like they were rich in pickings and low in price - just the way I like it!
    So good to have you back in Blogland, I've missed you. xxxx

    1. Thank you, Vix.

      It was quite frustrating not being able to keep up with the blogosphere but it was good to have downtime. There is Wifi at the site but the signal is very poor and rarely works.

      I love my Ruby Super!


  6. Hi Vronni, I'm delighted that you managed to fix the glitch. Your bolt hole is perfect - a proper home from home isn't it? All that wood is lovely. It must be wonderful to know that you can escape there anytime you like. The views are pretty spectaular.

    Wishing you a fab weekend x

    1. Thanks Anna,

      It is indeed a home from home and I'm very lucky.


  7. Veronica, your van is huge! How lovely to see the interior at last (after you kept us all in accidental suspense!) It looks very cosy. What amazing views you have.
    I'm wondering what I will find on my first visit this year, they've had a cold winter too. Ha, obviously your site owners aren't very bothered about the vans being washed if they've never mentioned it to you. I got some cleaning solution in Aldi £3.49!
    Love the red trews and hair scarf outfit...very chic. Your blanket is fab... that stitch looks very ambitious. (attic24?) Glad you had a lovely time in Ireland. xx

    1. I did a test spot clean with ordinary household cleaner and it was fine, Fiona, thank you.

  8. Glad to see you back you look very well, I hope you had a good time. I love the caravan, we have just a touring one so not so big we had a 3 night stay in Norfolk which was nice.

    1. Thank you, Polly.

      I'd would have loved a touring caravan but we have no where to park it living on a main road with double yellow lines.

  9. What beautiful scenery no wonder you love to visit. Have you tried gel-safe moisture traps by Kilrock? Vix recommended them to me when we were living in the damp house and they worked a treat.

  10. Polly, I'm so excited. I didn't realise you had a blog! I've loved meeting you in virtual-person and seeing your lovely home in Ireland which must be perfect for holidays visiting what I'm guessing is a substantial family, from the sounds of it. Mine is too, I have many cousins. An aunt came from Sligo originally, she passed away last November, in her mid-nineties. But now about you, you are so pretty and stylish and I absolutely love your hair with the scarf. I tried that a few years ago on holiday and I keep meaning to try it again. It's such a great look on you. I'll now start reading a few of your back issues!

    1. Hallo, it's very nice to meet you. I'm not Polly but Veronica!

      I had an aunt in Sligo too, she had 14 children, and all but two of them and their families live there. She sadly passed away in 2002 but I visit many of my cousins every time I go to Ireland.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Your caravan is better than my house Veronica hahahhaha.
    You have to come over. It is quiet here and lots of people spend the colder weather in their caravans round here by the sea.


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