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Weekend visitor and a busy half term

I had a brilliant weekend but just to go back briefly to last week. My daughter made these delicious flapjack/granola things with slices of apple and they were delicious. She brought me more at the weekend so I was very happy. Lovely with a cup of tea. I tried to retrace the same walk again last Thursday but although I got a bit further than I did last week I still can't fathom out the last bit and ended up walking by the roadside for the last mile and a half. I like a challenge so I'll be trying it for the third time next week. Wish me luck! I wore this last Friday. The  navy paisley top is the one I bought last week - it wasn't too small. Everything is charity shopped except the boots - donated by my daughter. All jewellery charity shopped. A bit of pattern mixing.... (Photos courtesy of middle grandson!) One grandson was poorly last Friday and didn't go to school and the other one had a teacher training day so no school ru

Of pigs and pheasants...

I went walking on my own on Friday morning after dropping the grandchildren to school. I tried to retrace the route of the walk we did on Wednesday. I got lost (as usual!) but ended up walking 7 miles in total. I know where I went wrong - I walked the wrong way round the woods.  I disturbed lots of pheasants and patridges whilst I was out - they were flying out of the undergrowth by the dozen and the pheasants ran like crazy. Next time I'll have the route perfected and can add it to my list of local walks. This is the Irish Blarney Mills woollen cardigan I bought from the Save the Children last week. It's dark grey with brown speckles and lovely and warm. I didn't need to wear a jacket with this on Friday. The trousers are also the ones I bought last week.    In fact everything is charity shopped and that's the bangle I bought last week, too. It's very simple; two white discs on a silver bangle. I bought the necklace from Marie Curie in Bedford.

Holding myself to account

My weekend passed peacefully enough  - even with the two grandsons staying! Let's put it this way - there was no bloodshed. Just low level constant sniping and bickering. They both got into bed with me on Sunday morning having woken me up at 7.30 am (aaagh the horror!); we had a very strenuous play fight and tickling session. I think I was the winner. We went to visit my son on Saturday. I was glad I wore a jumper because it's definitely jumper weather now. This is the top I bought in the 3:16 sale and the trousers were bought last week in a new charity shop for a local day hospice in Kempston (just outside Bedford) for £4.00. Brogues from Tesco sale. All jewellery charity shopped. I remembered to wear one of my brooches!  I've had these earrings for about 20 years. I finally had a really good sort out of my wardrobes at the weekend. OH had put a floating shelf in the top half of my wardrobe to hold my handbags (my idea) unfortunately the combin