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I'm off on my hollyers!

This what I wore on Saturday. I went to visit my son and then we went out for birthday dinner with my brothers and OH (can you see him in the mirror)? We had a lovely evening and the food was really good.  We ate at a pub called 'The Hare' in Loddington, Northants. My mum had her 70th birthday party here. It's strange to think that I'm now only 8 years away from 70. I definitely think that once you've reached 70 you're old! Everything is charity shopped except the sandals which are from the Tesco outlet store. This is the only cotton maxi dress I have. I'd like more so I'll keep looking... Shame about the bra strap!  Twisted pearl necklace, charity shopped, earrings from Sainsburys. All bangles charity shopped. On Sunday, my bird table collapsed; the wood had rotted at the bottom. I went out and bought a new one and you can see it here to the right of me. I just hope the birds like it and use it as much as the old one. I

Heat, skip diving and swollen ankles...

Saturday's outfit. Oh boy, it was hot and humid. Dress, ASOS bought at Save the Children for £3.00. Leggings (only because I went walking and didn't want my legs scratched by nettles, thistles and rampaging wild grasses!) M&S. Flip flops, £2.00 in the Salvation Army, bought when I popped into town to the library to return the books I've read - and they're real leather! This is taken with my new selfie stick.  Bangles, earrings and beads charity shopped. I look hot and bothered. You should have seen how I looked when I finished my walk of 6.5 miles; the sweat was rolling off my face and on to my clothes! It was so hot my lipstick disappeared... I helped out at the Rambler's stall on Sunday and it was very busy. After 2 hours of standing around in the heat as well as walking there and back; my ankles and feet swelled and I was shattered. My middle grandson came with me and managed to win a Brazil football shirt on one of the stalls so

On selfies and technology...

I'm getting better at these selfie photos. It's useful when OH is not around. In fact, I'm thinking of buying myself a selfie stick if I can find a cheap one somewhere! I have tried using my camera which my daughter bought me about 7 years ago but unfortunately my Chrome book and it can't talk to each other. I've also downloaded an MP3 album which I paid for and can't get it to play on my Chrome book either. It will just have to wait until the eldest grandson comes to visit and I'll get him to sort it out! This was Fridays' outfit. Top charity shopped some months back; from £1.00 rail somewhere. Loose trousers; a recent  charity shop purchase but can't remember where -  they are black with greeney blue, lime green, white and tan splodges; sandals are the T strap Clarks I mentioned in my previous post and this is the sixth year I'm wearing them. They'll probably outlive me at this rate! Bangles charity shopped. Necklace b