Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Of cars, cookers and funerals....

Well, the problems with the car continue since I've got back.  When I went to do the Lidl shop on Thursday the engine light was flashing and it didn't drive in the usual way. The problem has been diagnosed - the head gasket has gone and will cost a pretty penny to repair. It can't be done until Saturday so I'm car less until then.  The car hasn't really been right since we came back from Ireland last September, despite new coolant unit caps, new water pump and most recently a new radiator. According to my mechanic the new head gasket should fix it once and for all. Therefore, no Rambler's walks this week as I can't get to the start points but no matter I can walk on my own!

Lately, my daughter has developed an interest in walking as part of her exercise regime. She is super fit. She's a PE teacher, goes to the gym 4 times a week and plays netball weekly for a local team.  My son, too, visits the gym several times a week. Going to the gym is my idea of hell! Whereas, walking for me is both a pleasure and a good form of exercise.

Last Saturday my daughter and I went walking and did 10 miles. That's a personal best for me. My legs felt it the next day...

This is about the only other photo of me taken in Ireland. I'm inside Ruby Super (our mobile home) and it's a cold day; I've got several layers on plus an infinity scarf! Everything I'm wearing has been worn in blog posts before except possibly the necklace and silver bangles - both charity shopped.

This is a a fishing lake quite close to the mobile home park. We have the sea close by and 2 lakes.

This photo was taken by my cousin's wife. It's of Cassiebawn Castle at sunset (home of Lord Mountbatten) in Mullaghmore, Co.Sligo. Isn't it a brilliant photo? Well done, Martina!

It's a damn nuisance about the car because on Friday I have to go to Surrey for my best friend's dad's funeral.  Her dad has been ill for years and hasn't wanted to be here for quite a while. He was in pain and it's a blessed release for all. Both daughter and OH need their cars for work so I've hired one for 2 days. It would have been almost impossible to travel by public transport to the church, interment and wake (all in different towns in Surrey) so a car was called for. I was surprised at how reasonable it was to hire a car for 2 days!

So, that's the car dealt with. Now the cooker. In fact, it was the fan oven. It stopped working last Friday. I'm just waiting for the third thing to go. They always seem to happen in threes, don't they?

I couldn't go to the food bank today (Tuesday) as I had to wait in for the repair man to come and fix the oven. Luckily I've insured the oven! Once that was done I set out for a good old rummage. I didn't get much opportunity to rummage in Ireland and was having withdrawal symptoms. I only  bought 5 things in Ireland in the charity shops. A pair of jeans that stayed in Ruby Super (I have another wardrobe there to save me carting clothes backwards and forwards - I keep adding to it!). A brown handbag for 4 euros, the brown leather jacket for 9 euros and a red, plastic bangle bought in Dublin on our last day there.

This is what I wore to go rummaging.

That's some of my jewellery collection in the background....

This red bangle is the one I bought in Dublin. Trousers, Red Cross charity shop (last seen here) as is the cardigan. Top from Save the Children charity shop.  Earrings from Sainsbury's. Necklace charity shopped, but can't remember which one...Boots, on line retail.

I bought this lampshade to replace the one in my bedroom which is a dust trap! It was £3.00 in the independent charity shop  in Bedford. It's for an African charity but calls itself: 'The Independent Charity Shop'.

I bought this (Phase 8) maxi skirt for £4.00 in the Cancer Research shop. I think I might wear it to the funeral, with a black top, my moto jacket, black boots and a hat. Alternatively, I was thinking of wearing a grey patterned, pencil skirt with a black top;  moto jacket and OTK boots but no hat. It's been a while since I've been to a funeral - thank God.

I bought these beads for £2.50 in the Cancer Research shop and the orange bangle in the Oxfam shop for 99p. I just need one or two more orange bangles then I don't need any more bangles - ever!

I'm going walking by myself on Wednesday and Thursday.  I didn't get much walking done in Ireland due to the weather and I've missed it. I'm going to join in with Anne's 52 Pick-me-up on her Spygirl blog. It's Indigo - and I think my top and cardigan might qualify me for it...

Have a good week everyone.

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