Saturday, 16 April 2016

My 60th Post

Today is my 60th post! I started blogging back in November 2015 having been inspired by (and continue to be) by other fashion and style bloggers. I do find, though,  that blogging is a time consuming activity. First of all there are all the blogs to read -  and as I discover more all the time the blog reading  list gets longer... then there is the writing and the photo taking for my own blog. I think life would be a lot easier if I took my own photos, so I'm working on that, but in the meantime will have to prevail on the OH and whichever grandson might be handy to take the photos. In summary I have enjoyed it all immensely and will be carrying on regardless!

I got my car back fully functioning and was able to drive it to Surrey late on Thursday night in readiness for the funeral on Friday morning. I stayed in a Travelodge for the first time in my life. The room was pleasant and clean but the people who had the room above me sounded like they were stamping on the floor and moving furniture around until about 2  in the morning. I didn't sleep well despite a very comfortable bed.

The funeral went well. It was lovely to see my best friend of 50 years again and her daughters and 6 grandchildren.  I'm going to down to Devon in a few weeks to stay with her for the weekend. The funeral service was lovely as was the church it was held in, and where her parents are buried is the most beautiful village. Interestingly, she had no idea why her parents are buried there, neither of them are from there or lived there so it's a bit of a mystery. 

Unfortunately, it rained the whole day so I didn't get to explore the village and take some photos. Neither did I remember to ask anyone to take photos of my funeral outfit! I opted for the black and white chevron striped maxi skirt with a black cross over top, black Moto jacket, black suede ankle boots and a black straw hat. I think it looked good and my friend certainly liked the outfit.

Green skinnies charity shopped, as are boots, cardigan and earrings. I bought the green top earlier this week when I went rummaging but forgot to mention it in the previous post - £1.99 at the Red Cross shop.

On  Wednesday I went out walking by myself and did 9.35 miles. I was pretty knackered when I got back. On Thursday I went to a couple of charity shops a short way from the town centre and bought a red and black patterned pair of loose trousers and a white lace top, both in the Children's Society for £5.49 in total.

On Saturday I managed to visit the Bedford Guild House for the very first time. It has a charity shop attached to it but it only opens on Saturdays. As well as picking up some bargains; I picked up a list of activities that are available at the Guild House and they include beauty treatments; cooked meals, Pilates, Art classes, Creative Writing etc. Whilst this is all good to know and great for the over 50s to have this specialist resource,  everything has a cost. Meals are £3.50 and puddings £1.50. Classes are between £5 and £6.00 each. Now, I'm not complaining about the cost, but once again here's an example of if you have enough money in your retirement/old age there is much out there for you. If you are living on a state pension it's a different story. I'm not reliant on a state pension, luckily, but neither could I afford to do much at the Guild House. Maybe if I spent less in the charity shops I could! To be honest the only thing I would be interested in would be the Creative Writing course and there was a waiting list for that....

Here's what I bought:

This lovely canvas for £2.50. Maybe somebody at the Guild House painted it! I thought it was very tranquil and I could almost feel the's going in my son's old room now the spare room. There's a wall crying out for some art, in there!

This is a mock Victorian night dress from dear old M & S  for £2.50. I've always wanted one and I'm hoping this will fit me - if it doesn't my best friend may`like it. If it does fit me I'll be taking it to Spain - lots of cotton clothes to cope with the heat....

This was too pretty to pass up and only £1.50.

On Sunday the weather is going to be fine and I'm going to a car boot sale - my first this year. Let's hope there are some good things to be had!

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