Same old, same old...but some new charity shop finds.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo just lately. My third year blogoversary was in November and I forgot to mention it.  I tend to have a quite routinised lifestyle and seem to talk about the same things all the time; charity shopping finds; walking, crocheting projects; excursions with family/ friends etc. I worry that I'm boring! 😢 The thing is I love reading about other people's everyday lives; it's the details I find so fascinating, so I can only hope that many of you are the same. Our weather turned very cold in the third week of November. On Wednesday 21st the temperature dropped to 1.5 degrees and reached the giddy heights of 3.5 degrees later in the day! I hardly walked all that week. Just managed a 4 mile walk with my daughter on Friday before the school run. It was a very good week for charity shopping, though.  This was last Saturday's outfit. We went to Emmaeus for a little rummage and I bought 3 bangles for 50p each, a flower brooch and a g

Not a lot going on

Hello again and how are you? I've had a pretty quiet time with not too much going on. I've been busy with the crocheting as I'm trying to get the blanket, which I've called the Karina blanket, finished in time for Christmas as I'm going to give it to my eldest grandson's girlfriend. I had a good week last week for walking. I walked on my own and recce'd my longer walk on Tuesday - just on 7 miles. Walked with the group on Wednesday; 8 miles from Great Denham to Bromham and back. Unfortunately, after the first hour it rained solidly! On Thursday, I walked with my friend Lynn from the food bank and we walked 8 miles; I slightly changed the route I want to take when I lead this longer walk for the Ramblers and this new route was better and just under 8 miles. Phew! Job done. Now I'll just keep walking the routes until I can do them blindfolded - and in reverse. That's the true test of knowing where you're going...                        

Out and about in East Sussex

Hello again! Since I last posted I've been to East Sussex; to Milton Keynes to watch my brother's solo gig and I had planned to go to Devon to see Hilary - but see update below. We've had one lot of weekend visitors (brothers) and expect two more sets pf visitors over the next two weekends. And of course our clocks have gone back by one hour so the mornings are a bit brighter but get it gets dark earlier  which is horrible   . To backtrack a little to two weekends ago; OH and I visited the final car boot sale of the year in our local area. I did very well. I picked up a nice weekend holdall - eldest grandson borrowed mine to take back to London with him so I'll probably never see it again! I also picked up some earrings and small brooch for 60p (!) a rice cooker for 2.00; a denim waistcoat (below) and best of all brand new walking boots for 4.00. My current Berghaus 99p bargain boots from the Red Cross are becoming a bit detached from one side of the upper.