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The End of Summer...

  Hello again! After the excitement of the rain on Tuesday there was no more. I went for a swim at 8 pm and swam 40 lengths. It really doesn't suit me going in the evening. Still, the school holidays will be almost over by the time you're reading this post and things will go back to normal; swimming on Thursday and Sunday mornings. It was overcast but warm on Wednesday with a nice breeze. I had quite a few errands to run in town and did all those in the morning. I then went to Aldi to do part of the weekly shop. I was delighted to find they had, after a gap of several months, restocked my favourite night cream (Lacura Caviar night cream) and I bought two pots in case they run out of them again. Rain had been forecast for the whole day but we saw none. I wanted to walk with my group who were going to walk in Woburn but the rainy forecast put me off; I should have ignored it! I wanted to show you the Ted Baker linen shirt I bought at Barnardo's on Monday and planned to wear i